Introducing goki – Timeless German Wooden Toys Now Available in the US

goki german us wooden toys

The simplicity of playing with an open-ended German wooden toy continues to be a timeless classic that never loses its luster or appeal for children and parents alike. Toymaker goki brings its exquisite line of lovingly designed playthings for babies and kinder (German for children) stateside. stocks over four dozen goki toys with must-have items like Touch Ring Elastic Bear or Moose Balancing Game. These European crafted toys are affordable and adorable plus they offer eco-friendly screen-free play season after season.


With more than 50 products on the site, goki designers are spotlighting four goki baby and four hand-picked toys that fall in either the goki evolution or goki nature (for toddlers/preschoolers) lines. These beautifully crafted toys make the perfect Welcome Home, Happy Birthday or a surprise from Grandma gift! The European wood used for the products comes from sustainable forestry and is fashioned using water-based paints. The handsome goki nature line gets by without any colors at all. Here, the hue is achieved using thermal treatment.


“The goki brand has evolved into specialty categories to help parents and grandparents choose the perfect toy for every age and stage,” explains Marcel Martel, President at Goki America, Inc. Choose from a wide selection of goki baby, goki nature and goki evolution wooden playthings for hands-on fun without a gadget, plug or Wi-Fi.


Infants have been grasping the world with the goki baby line for 60 years. These infant toys are handcrafted in Germany using high-quality beech, maple and walnut. Touch Ring Elastic Rattle Rainbow is the prettiest way to trigger the grasp reflex and promote the development process to targeted grabbing. The soft colors will appeal to baby’s curiosity and first lesson about Roy G. Biv — an acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow!


goki evolution is ideally suited for free play. The educational toy gets its character from the individual wooden structure and the bright glaze. Interacting with Wooden Dwarf Cottage offers a world full of possibilities for little adventurers: maybe friends will come to visit in a boat and together you take a trip to the end of the rainbow!


Each goki nature wooden toy showcases warm brown tones that are cleverly achieved using a special thermal treatment. Hammer Bench is a sensory delight to see, touch and hear as tots get to pound away!


Look for these eight toys and dozens more at


goki baby: Pacifier Chain Star • Ages Newborn+ • $9.95 Oh baby! There’s a lot of natural beauty packed into this 8.3” chain. The multi-toned silicone beads give the toy an additional haptic stimulus for the development of the senses. And the wooden parts are decorated with adorable engravings. The child-friendly products support baby’s visual perception, motor and sensory development – from day one. At the same time, they offer baby a brief activity to play.


goki baby: Touch Ring Elastic Bear • Ages 3 months+ • $12.50 Touch rings are indispensable for baby’s hand. They trigger the grip reflex and promote the development process. They transmit sensations which help your baby to discover their environment. Elastic rings are guaranteed to pique baby’s interest and encourage their natural fiddling tendencies through grabbing, clutching, twisting, rotating, and shaking!


goki baby: Touch Ring Elastic Rattle Rainbow • Ages 3 months+ • $14.95 Wooden clutching toys are essential for the hands of babies. To create the colors of the rainbow, goki uses water-based paints then clear varnish.


goki baby: Pram Chain Hedgehog and Owl With Clips • Ages Newborn+ • $22.95 Absolutely adorable doesn’t begin to describe how cute this 15.7” long chain is! These little works of art can be strung across strollers, car seats or the sides of the crib. Attaches securely to any fabric material. Watch as baby discovers the many faces, shapes and colors. Great for on-the-go amusement or at home. Encourages early curiosity and exploration.


goki evolution: Color and Shape Sorting Game • Ages 2+ • $45.75 Go fish without getting splashed with this sweet set that looks like six colorful fishes but is really 24 wooden building blocks. Tykes can create imaginative mandalas or even build sailing ships, in addition to fish. There are no limits to the creation of magical worlds. The wooden box that holds all of the pieces neatly measures 13.4” long.


goki evolution: Wooden Dwarf Cottage • Ages 3+ • $42.50 The lovingly designed dwarf cottage is made of maple wood and is made in Europe. The multi-part house stimulates the imagination and can be stacked and sorted at will to create wonderful worlds. Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to fun we go!


goki nature: Hammer Bench • Ages 1+ • $23.25 This beautiful wooden hammer bench allows little ones to practice hammer strokes. Preschoolers may hit the wooden pieces gently or harder. With each stroke a child develops hand-eye coordination. Set includes hammer bench, a hammer and wooden blocks.


goki nature: Moose Balancing Act • Ages 4+ • $23.95 Ready for a challenge? Patience, focus and concentration are needed for this delightful game. Let the dice determine which log to pick, then gently lay it along the contours of the moose without tipping it. The more logs there are on it, the more challenging the task becomes! Includes: balancing moose, 18 natural wooden logs, 1 dice plus game instructions.