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Itsy Bitsy Entertainment & Meteo Expert Launch “The Meteoheroes Adventures” Video Podcast into US Schools August 28th

Meteoheroes Adventures podcast

Based on the #1 Kids’ podcast throughout Europe, Children’s and Family Entertainment mega-hit maker and producer Kenn Viselman, known for some of the most ground-breaking children’s TV series of all time (including Thomas the Tank Engine, Teletubbies and nearly 50 others) has teamed up with Luigi Latini, founder of Meteo Expert, the premier meteorology center in Europe, and Adventure2Learning, the preeminent provider of video into classrooms,  to create “The MeteoHeroes’ Adventures Podcast Series.” This trail-blazing all-inclusive podcast is being hosted by Brianna Colson a 24 year old on the autism spectrum, a self-proclaimed MeteoHeroes uber-super fan and is the first phase of a massive climate education initiative and will be offered free to schools across America.


Viselman along with Latini are executive producing The MeteoHeroes Adventures, an incredibly timely and imperative family podcast series,  based on MeteoHeroes, the definitive series about Climate, already accessible in 200 countries, and 22 languages. With the guidance of the professionals at Adventure2Learning, the podcast will be  available to launch into at least 20,000+ schools the beginning of this school year. Season I of The MeteoHeroes Adventures podcast will consist of 53 episodes and will also be available wherever podcasts are found including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music & Google Podcast with the first two episodes dropping weekly on Mondays starting August 14th and a recap episode, “MeteoHeroes Fun Facts” on Thursdays  and available to schools starting the week of Aug 28th in celebration and acknowledgment of Environmental Awareness Month for September. 


“Climate Change is the existential crisis of this generation. Children of all ages are looking for answers and their caregivers are looking for an uplifting way to talk to their kids about what is happening to the planet… The fun & funny MeteoHeroes Adventures podcast is designed to give kids and their families the answers and a sense of hope. The message is always that you don’t need to wear a cape to be a superhero.” Said Kenn Viselman. “I’m delighted to expand the concept of inclusivity by introducing a true breath of fresh air and optimism known as Brianna Colson who is living prove that we all have the power to change the world.


Brianna Colson added “Hosting this project means so much to me because it combines my two favorite things: being a television host and MeteoHeroes. Being a host is great and it’s given me the confidence boost I needed. Plus, I get to be myself, which I love. And as for MeteoHeroes, well, MeteoHeroes is my favourite thing in the whole world ever! I discovered MeteoHeroes when the Earth Day special, “The Adventure Begins” aired on PBS on Earth Day 2022. From there, I watched more episodes online, and then I was hooked. Plus, hosting The MeteoHeroes Adventures helps me spread awareness about climate change and how we can help save our beautiful planet, which is definitely what we need right now.”


The MeteoHeroes are a group of pint-sized superheroes, each of whom represent the seven continents and the different natural elements. Working in tandem to fight climate change disasters, our fearless heroes go to battle using their own unique superhuman abilities to save our planet. With humor and respect for its audience, the MeteoHeroes make the viewer part of the solution to the devastation they are seeing around them. The series’ brilliance is its ability to use humor to educate and empower it audience.


“Whether or not you personally believe in Climate Change is not the issue… the truth is that our children are gravely concerned about it. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Bath University, 84% of kids around the globe are “worried” to “extremely worried” about climate change.” Said Luigi Latini executive producer “The reason schools and child psychiatrists throughout the world are gravitating to MeteoHeroes is because tens of millions of children are experiencing a mental health issue of epidemic proportions known as Climate Anxiety. MeteoHeroes helps children feel more hopeful and optimistic about the future. We are launching this project because every child in America and around the world is entitled to and deserves climate education. Finding Brianna and her light-filled view of the world was the final missing ingredient to this optimistic approach to talking about the planet” said Latini.


“Personally, I see myself as an advocate for young children… not an activist and definitely not a political figure and yet our nation’s kids are suffering and it is falling on deaf ears.  We’re establishing the most comprehensive climate education initiative on the planet for every child between 4-10 years old in the country so our kids can feel more empowered and hopeful for their futures and that of the planet.” Continues Viselman “Every day our governments don’t act is another day that children and their families around the world suffer. This podcast is our first step in a much bigger journey. We have plans to expand this initiative with a new onscreen companion series, an age-graded curriculum for children from the ages of 4-10 as well as a massive global community outreach program.’ Knowing the urgency of the situation, Latini & Viselman felt they had no choice but to act now.