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Fun in Motion Launches Jumbie Artist Series Shashibo

Shashibo Jumbie Artist Series

Innovative toy company, Fun In Motion Toys, creators of the #1 best-selling and STEAM-accredited Shashibo magnetic puzzle cube, proudly present a new artistic collaboration with world-renowned artist, Jumbie. This groundbreaking partnership unites Shashibo with the visionary behind the unique art movement “Spectral Art,” where artwork animates in the presence of color-changing lighting. The new Jumbie Artist Series Shashibo collection transcends the boundaries of art and play.


Jumbie, acclaimed for his exceptional mastery of RGB light reactive pixels, has been revolutionizing the art world with his breathtaking creations. This trailblazing artistry takes center stage on Shashibo, adding an enthralling new dimension to the beloved magnetic puzzle toy. Shashibo contains 36 rare earth magnets and can transform into over 70 different shapes adorned with colorful Jumbie art.


“Working alongside the visionary artist, Jumbie, on this project has been an incredible journey. The Shashibo Jumbie Artist Series represents a perfect blend of artistry and interactive play, captivating users with dazzling colors and endless shapes,” explains Kevin Daniels, Co-Founder of Fun In Motion Toys. “This new collection reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing an exceptional play experience for Shashibo fans.”


Artist Jumbie shared “Our mission is to raise awareness of the healing effects of color. Which is why we are so excited about our Shashibo collaboration because of the multifaceted healing properties being compounded together within one delightfully fun and interactive delivery device.”


The Jumbie Artist Series includes four unique Shashibo styles, each exemplifying Jumbie’s artistic brilliance in every detail: Fire Goddess, Cosmic Surfer, Disco Plaid, and The Chameleon; extraordinary puzzles that will ignite your imagination and challenge your mind. All four designs are compatible with each other and other Shashibo, to Collect & Connect to make limitless structural designs.


The Jumbie Artist Series is now available for purchase at independent Toy & Gift stores, at and at online retailers.