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Playview Brands Inflates the Fun of Minecraft with New License Acquisition

Minecraft Playview

Playview Brands’ ever-growing catalog of diverse brands and licenses has now partnered with the sandbox-turned-evergreen entertainment franchise Minecraft, with plans to blow up fun all year round. Introducing a collection of summer and winter inflatable products starting this fall, Playview Brands will bring the world-building fun of Minecraft to our own in a unique way!


Playview Brands’ line of Minecraft inflatables brings the iconic looks and characters of the best-selling game of all time for real-world fun and thrills. This year, Playview will bring fans Minecraft Winter Fun World, a line of inflatable snow sleds to recreate the game experience on the slopes, alongside the Minecraft 6-Piece Building Block Set, life-size inflatable blocks that transform any indoor or outdoor space into a Minecraft-themed world!


“Minecraft has captivated the imaginations of millions of players of all ages,” said Andrew Sparkes, Senior Vice President, and General Manager at Playview Brands. “We’re beyond excited to partner with Mojang Studios to bring this globally lived-in world to reality for inflatable fun outside!”


Fans can expect an invasion of beloved Minecraft characters on the slopes this winter season, but Playview plans to keep the inflatable fun multi-seasonal. With Minecraft-themed beach balls and pool floaties in the pipeline, the joys of the immersive game will now translate to play beyond the screen.


To learn more about Playview Brands, visit their website at and LinkedIn.

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