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WildBrain Partners with Tencent Video and Miaow’s House as Exclusive Distributor of New Animated Series Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel WildBrain

WildBrain, a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment, has partnered with Tencent Video and animation studio Miaow’s House as the exclusive worldwide distributor outside of mainland China of the new animated series, Pet Hotel (26×11’).


Produced by Tencent Video and Miaow’s House, Pet Hotel is aimed at kids aged 7–9 and follows the hilarious antics of Lili the dog, Bubu the guinea pig and cats Nai Nai and Vicky as they welcome new animal friends to their home at the Pet Hotel. Unlike other hotels, the Pet Hotel—which has been converted from an old grocery store—is filled with high-tech inventions created by the pets’ caregiver and hotel owner, Robin—from massage tables to automatic feeders! The animal buddies and their young owner face various quirky customers and their wacky pets every day, giving rise to numerous entertaining stories. It’s no question that every guest at the Pet Hotel will leave happy, having made a new set of friends. Leveraging the unique characteristics of different animals, Pet Hotel creates entertainment and humor while also promoting scientific knowledge about animals and pet care.


Caroline Tyre, VP Global Sales and Rights Strategy at WildBrain, said: “This exciting partnership with Tencent Video and Miaow’s House represents the continued expansion of our business in China and underscores WildBrain’s international reach as we introduce audiences around the world to Pet Hotel. These laugh-out-loud tales of the Pet Hotel crew have universal appeal and are sure to delight kids and families through their compelling storylines and endearing characters.”


Selina She, Director of Kids’ IP Development and Programming at Tencent Video, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up with WildBrain to bring this beloved show to a broader international audience. We can’t wait to see children across the globe delight in the madcap exploits of Robin and his menagerie of guests.”


Robin Guo, director of Pet Hotel and chairman of the board of Miaow’s House, said: “With ‘companionship’ as its core theme, Pet Hotel features characters Nai Nai, Vicky, Lili and Bubu, who are all based on real stray animals that I rescued in my daily life. Living together with these adorable animals inspired me to create this animated series. I aim to create a comedy that revolves around the unexpected intelligence of pets, showcasing their cuteness through exaggerated physical performances and concise dialogue, as well as the harmonious coexistence with humans. Kindness, tolerance, sharing and giving ultimately triumph over all difficulties. The concept of ‘love’ permeates every episode of Pet Hotel, making it a family-friendly and innovative animated sitcom series.”


Pet Hotel is produced by Tencent Video, Miaow’s House and GZ Art-land. The series is directed by Robin Guo (Olympic Adventures of Fuwa, Cosmic Escort) and written by Michael Ryan (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Thomas Krajewski (Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?). Vicky Zeng (Five Thousand Years of Flying, Panda and Little Mole), Selina She (Director of Kids’ IP Development and Programming, Tencent Video) and Eddie Ng serve as executive producers.


Buyers attending MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM (October 13–19) are invited to screen Pet Hotel and visit WildBrain at stand #R7.N13 to learn more.