Chronicle Books and LEGO Launch All New Collaborative Products for 2023

LEGO Logo Chronicle 2023

Expanding its successful collaboration with The LEGO Group, Chronicle Books continues to surprise and delight adult brick enthusiasts with five new licensed LEGO products for the fall 2023 season.


LEGO How We Create Inspiration Deck – The thinkers, builders, designers, and kidsat-heart who work at the LEGO Group invite you behind the scenes to see how they create, every day. This 78-card deck features insights and advice from individuals across all job descriptions at the LEGO Group. Packaged in a keepsake box with a sliding tray, each card offers a moment of personal reflection, a spark of motivation, or an open-ended invitation to harness the power of play. Mixed throughout are more than 20 unique building prompt cards that encourage you to put these valuable lessons and creative strategies into action using your own LEGO bricks.


LEGO Christmas Train Puzzle – The newest puzzle in the bestselling LEGO puzzle series has a holiday twist: 4 individual puzzles connect to create a Christmas winter wonderland that the whole family can build and enjoy together! Gather one and all around the table as you build 4 individual 100-piece puzzles then bring them together to create a winter village scene brimming with holiday cheer. Featuring charming yuletide LEGO minifigures and a LEGO Christmas train, this puzzle is packaged in a gift box that looks like a present ready to be placed under the Christmas tree. Ages: 7+


LEGO Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzle (Animal Edition) – These “blind box” mini puzzles are a whole new way to play with the world’s most collectible toy. Each 126-piece mini puzzle comes together to reveal a surprise animal Minifigure from the massively popular Collectible LEGO Minifigure series. Test your puzzle skills and LEGO knowledge as you piece together a fan-favorite Minifigure—you’ll have to complete the puzzle to find out which one you have! Collect all 6 mini puzzles for the full set.


LEGO 2024 Wall Calendar – Enjoy twelve months of LEGO inspiration with stunning brick and minifigure photography that captures the boundless creativity of LEGO play.


The LEGO Minifigure a Day 2024 Daily Calendar – Celebrate the world’s most iconic toy with this LEGO minifigure-filled daily calendar. Each day meet a new minifigure, learn unique facts and behind-the-scenes information on their history and production.


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