Cloud b Unveils Revolutionary Sleep Innovation: The Cloud Box

Cloud B Box

Cloud b, the pioneers in creating products designed for children’s well-being and quality sleep, is pleased to unveil the Cloud Box, a unique storyteller and projection nightlight for babies and children just in time for the holiday season.


Built with patented technology, the Cloud Box features 36 original stories, eight melodies and eight distinct white noises that are synchronized with four custom light projections. The custom light projections change with each story to create an audiovisual spectacle that helps soothe babies and immerse children into magical worlds that promote the use and development of their imagination.


“As we celebrate our 20th anniversary at Cloud b, we couldn’t be more excited to unveil the Cloud Box, which will transform bedtime experiences for families across North America and Europe,” says Laurent Benichou, CEO of BTL Diffusion and Owner of Cloud b. “After years of development, we are immensely proud of the Cloud Box and the positive impact it can have on children’s sleep routines and overall well-being. Our strategic approach to its development guarantees a product that embodies quality, innovation, and compassion.”


The stories and soothing sounds in the Cloud Box have been carefully selected to appeal to children ages 0-8. Each Cloud Box includes stories in two languages: English/French, English/Spanish, English/German or English/Italian (varies by geographical region). Plus, its portable and user-friendly design ensures that the soothing experience can be taken anywhere, making it an essential addition to any parent’s arsenal.


“With the holiday season around the corner, the Cloud Box is the perfect gift for new partners or those looking to improve their children’s sleep routine heading into the new year,” adds Laurent.


Along with different universes to explore – ocean, forest, space and village – the Cloud Box is equipped with a recording function that encourages parents and their children to create their own bedtime stories.


The Cloud Box is available at select retailers across the country, including Babylist and Nordstrom, Babies R Us Canada and Clement, and on PJM Distribution will lead the distribution of Cloud b in the USA, while Do-Gree Fashion Ltd. manages Cloud B’s distribution in Canada. For more information, please visit


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