Fun in Motion toys Launches Brand New Fidget Toy Nockles

Nockles fun in Motion

Fun In Motion Toys, the makers of the best-selling magnetic puzzle cube, Shashibo, are introducing a new innovative product in partnership with inventor David Silverglate that will entertain your hands for hours: Nockles. These engaging, tactile toys are supremely satisfying as you snap them together, pull them apart, and then morph them into an infinite number of surprising shapes.


Nockles are a fantastically fun collection of soft, bendable fidget toys that snap together to form a structure which can then be manipulated into a variety of geometric shapes. They expand, collapse, pull, flip and bend.


“I developed Nockles while experimenting with 3d printing soft plastics with compliant structures, like living hinges and fasteners. As the inventor of Oball, I was amazed that I could 3d print using the same material,” said inventor David Silverglate.  “Tactile exploration and burning nervous energy appeal to me as I’m a fidgety person looking for something enjoyable to play with and I’m hoping others find the same enjoyment in Nockles”.


At launch there will be a well-rounded variety of five uniquely designed products to choose from, each made of safe and durable dishwasher-friendly materials. The entire product line is compatible with one another, allowing one to connect and combine each Nockles product to all the others within the line in engaging and surprising ways, providing for hours of discovery and fun!


“Nockles represents the natural evolution of tactile toys, elevating the satisfying sensation and sound of ‘cracking your fingers’ to an entirely new realm of interactive entertainment,” said Fun In Motion Toys President and Co-Founder Kevin Daniels. “We were introduced to inventor David Silverglate by our mutual industry veteran friend Robert Yusim and his company Product Counsel who helped broker the deal with David, and instantly knew we had a winning product on our hands. Our team is brimming with excitement as we prepare to introduce this groundbreaking product to consumers as it fits right into our portfolio of products that help people ‘Move and Groove’.”


Launching in spring 2024, each Nockles offers a distinct and tactile experience based on their unique shape and design. The five new introductory products coming to market include:


Nockles Diga: The smallest of Nockles, made of just one link with two grips on either end. The Diga makes it perfect for working out nervous energy through your fingers when on-the-go.

Nockles Loop: Made of six links, connected end to end by hard plastic hubs, the Loop is the simplest of the Nockles that can be inverted and has a similar soothing effect to worry beads.

Nockles Tetra: The smallest of the 3D Nockles, the Tetra, is comprised of 4 hard plastic triangular two-color hubs that form three-way connections to the soft link. The six links allow Tetra to expand, collapse and flip inside out for more exciting shapes.

Nockles Cube: Made up of 6 rigid 2-color hubs that connect four links, with a total of 12, the Cube is complex enough that hours of fun can be found in discovering new connections and motions.

Nockles Sphere: The largest of the line, the Sphere is the ultimate in Nockles fun! Made of twelve 2-color hubs, each with five connection points, and a whopping 30 links, the Sphere is perfect for those looking for a new fidget toy to engage with for long periods.


Each product offers a distinct design, with each featuring bright colors and interconnectivity that allows users to go from a simple fidget experience to an expansive tactile adventure. Whether you’re looking to fidget on-the-go or seek a more engaging connected experience, Nockles has the right product to entertain your hands.