IMC Toys Expands Category Offerings with an All-New Dinobytes

IMC toys Dinobytes

IMC Toys, the company known for the popular Cry Babies nurturing dolls, is venturing outside of the doll category and broadening its consumer base with the all-new brand Dinobytes.


Dinobytes is a fun and easy game with a classic battling play pattern that kids love! Ready for action straight out of the packaging, the goal is to knock your opponent’s helmet off and be declared the winner! Available exclusively on Amazon, there are several iterations of Dinobytes to collect:


Dinobytes – there are four individual Dinobytes to collect: Dilo, Pari, Rexy and Carner. Each dino is ready to battle, head-to-head, with their helmets on. Move its tail to rotate the head and press the button on the tail to activate a lunging chomp attack!

Dinobytes Deluxe Cannon – this Dinobyte comes with battle advantages, including: a clip-on missile launcher, and four projectiles for the ultimate battle experience!

Dinobytes Battle Arena – get ready to battle straight out of the box! The Dinobytes Battle Arena comes with two exclusive Dinobytes figures. Place the figures in the handle of the arena, and once in, simply squeeze the button to activate a lunging chomp attack!


Dinobytes offer endless fun and combat combinations for kids. Collect them all and battle one-on-one, anywhere, anytime inside and outside of the arena.


“This is a whole new endeavor for IMC Toys,” Crystal Ganir, VP Global & North America Head of Marketing IMC Toys. “We’re very excited to be expanding our product lines to engage with a new demographic of kids. We know they’ll love the exciting battling play pattern and the ever popular dinosaur theme, as where parents will love the fact that Dinobytes gets kids away from the screen and socializing with one another.”