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Moonbug Entertainment Takes Little Baby Bum to the Next Level with Launch of New Preschool Series and Music

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Moonbug Entertainment, a subsidiary of Candle Media, has announced the launch of its Netflix preschool series Little Baby Bum Music Time and its corresponding new soundtrack, which will be available on all music streaming platforms. The Music Time series and soundtrack, which are the latest in a string of the franchise’s expansions including the recent launch of Baby Sensory content on YouTube (2M subscribers), the Audible podcast Time to Dream, and a Lullabies music collection, are also supported by a fully re-imagined look and a new curriculum developed in partnership with educational non-profit organization Peeple. Little Baby Bum, Moonbug Entertainment’s first-ever franchise acquisition, has more than 95 million worldwide subscribers on YouTube and has generated more than two billion views across its content so far this year.


“Ten years ago, Little Baby Bum broke the mold in kids’ entertainment and paved the way not only for Moonbug, but countless other brands as well. Throughout this time, the brand cultivated a loyal and passionate parent/child following by providing invaluable support during routine moments of the early stages of childhood. Little Baby Bum is not about music, it IS music, and with the Little Baby Bum Music Time series and soundtrack, we are bringing a renewed evolution of the franchise to children and parents everywhere,” said Sylvia Scodro, General Manager for Little Baby Bum at Moonbug.


Little Baby Bum Music Time

With a simple narrative format, infectious songs, and rich, endearing, character-based stories, Little Baby Bum Music Time combines the most beloved elements of the Little Baby Bum brand with an innovative curriculum to launch a novel and naturally playful, magical music show where children get to experience the joy that is music, while learning to identify and express their emotions. The show uses a music class as a catalyst for kids at home to revel in a sense of accomplishment, as they connect with and learn about their feelings and emotions through instruments. London actress Hannah Jane Fox, best known for creating the role of “Scaramouche” in Queen’s smash hit musical We Will Rock You, voices Music Time’s teacher Timberly Wimberly. Emmy Award-winning head writer Ann Austen comes to the series from a wide range of genres and projects ranging from Mighty Morphin’ Powers Rangers to Barbie. And the composing team of Leticia Wolf and J Vanyo, two passionate feminist performing artists with a love for big pop hooks, are responsible for the original music in the series.


Baby Sensory Channels

As part of the reimagined curriculum, Little Baby Bum now offers calming, sensorial content created to help parents wind-down with their little ones. These episodes feature soothing lullabies paired with low-stimulation visuals to provide an additional resource to parents during one of the most challenging times of their child’s day, the transition from play to rest. The content is offered through Little Baby Bum YouTube channels, Little Baby Bum Lullabies and Calming Bedtime Songs, and has rapidly increased in popularity since launching earlier this year.


Audible Family Podcast

Little Baby Bum: Time to Dream is available on Audible and has a focus on sleep and mindfulness. This series is a calming collection of gentle ‘audio guided journeys’ into the enchanting, nursery rhyme-inspired land of dream time, with episodes featuring a short story followed by a relaxing soundscape. Each 20-25-minute episode has been created for listeners as young as age one and up. It was created with the support of sleep consultants at Sleep Joy to encourage little ones to drift off into peaceful sleep with soothing narration and lulling ambient sounds.


Creative Evolution and New Curriculum

Last year, the brand completed a creative refresh including animation enhancements, a creative evolution of the characters, and new music. At the same time, the brand partnered with educational consultancy Peeple on the curriculum that now supports the Little Baby Bum franchise. Since then, the brand has seen 30% month-over-month growth across new content on YouTube.


Dr Sally Smith, CEO of Peeple, said: “We have worked closely with Moonbug throughout the development and evolution of the Little Baby Bum brand, to maintain the strong early learning benefits, and are excited to see the value the show can bring to parents and children around the world.”


Lullabies Music Collection

Little Baby Bum Lullabies is a calming collection of gentle songs that soothe little ones into a peaceful sleep. The music collection contains classic and original lullabies and has released 8 albums in 2023 including Peaceful Piano Lullabies, Dreamy Piano for Babies, and Night Time Lullabies. The next release, Morning Songs for Babies, will be available on September 29th, and following that will be Baby’s Lullaby Christmas on October 20th. The music is available on all music streaming platforms and can also be heard on SiriusXM on Moonbug Radio, channel 307.