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New Farm Animal Softs from Douglas to Debut at Toy Fair 2023

Douglas Farm Hen

Seven new farm animal Softs are in the barn at Douglas Company! The soft toy maker and lifestyle gift creators are adding to their very popular Softs line. Softs are made from irresistibly soft fabrics and are floppy in style, making them extra huggable.


Introducing Jackie, the Donkie Soft! At 11” tall Jackie is a sweet floppy style donkey in chocolate gray with a soft white nose and white ear linings. Her hooves, the tip of her tail and her full mane is a deeper cocoa-color. She has perky ears and very endearing eyes.


Dandie the Goat Soft is available as a Soft at 9” tall and a Mini Soft at 6.5” tall. This little sweetie has mottled caramel tan and light cocoa brown fur with a white underbelly and snout. Dandie’s eyes and slightly cocked head make him irresistibly cute!


Dollie the Lamb Mini Soft is another barnyard cutie. Dollie, previously only available in the 9.5” soft style, is now available as a Mini Soft at 6.5”. She has thick white marshmallow fur with closely trimmed velvet-like hooves. Her expression is irresistible as she yearns for a sweet cuddle.


Pinkie the Pig Super Soft is now available in 13” size. Pinkie the Pig is an all-time favorite at Douglas and was previously available in just the 6” and 11” Soft styles. Now fans of Pinkie can get an even bigger armful of love.


Rhodie the Red Chicken Mini Soft is an actual crow above the rest. She is ready to take charge of the hen house at 7” tall. This plump little gal has a full burgundy belly that sits upon her yellow-orange feet. She has a bright red comb and wattle.


Hector the Hen looks like she could be Rhodie’s mom at 10” long. She has similar coloring with her brown-burgundy bodice. She is quite chunky and looks very realistic. Her fur features unique textures almost feather-like.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Farm Animal cuties will be available in early January 2024. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.