Purpose Toys Announces Expansion of Popular Naturalistas Doll Line with Fade Collection

Fade Collection Naturalistas Purpose Toys

DeeDee Wright-Ward, creator of viral Naturalistas Natural Hair Fashion Dolls and CEO of Purpose Toys (the nation’s largest and most widely distributed Black owned, culture-driven international toy company, and leader in natural hair products and culture-driven products for kids) announces the expansion of their flagship line Naturalistas, with the forthcoming release of their latest brand, Fade Collection!


“Fade Collection” is a line of 11.5-inch contemporary “cultural-Action Figures” that aim to celebrate the warmth and influence of Black Barber Culture, our unique approach to expression through hair, and overall “Celebration of Cutz, Community and Culture,” stated DeeDee WrightWard, creator of Naturalistas, Fade Collection and CEO of Purpose Toys.


With the announcement of Fade Collection, the Naturalistas franchise continues to grow. Through Fade Collection Purpose Toys hopes to continue to help build the confidence and self-esteem necessary for Crown-Bearing children around the world.


“Currently there is an over-representation of molded/non-textured “surfer hair,” box braids on male characters, and sloppily rooted characters that fail to capture the ever-popular ‘taper’ and ‘line-ups’ prominently worn by men and kids within the Black community,” said DeeDee WrightWard.


“What Fade Collection brings to market, as the world’s first and only line of cultural Action Figures” to celebrate Black Barber Culture, is our signature combination of flocked, rooted, molded, and gradated (textured) Black male hairstyles, and attention to the nuances of line-ups and the all-important fade. Through Fade Collection, we not only bring authenticity to toy shelves like never before, we also celebrate the comradery, the culture, and the brotherhood that comes with the Black Barber experience. No more box braids for guys, sharpie-beards, plastic “surfer-hair” or complete lack of cultural representation over here! Fade Collection is here to offer authentically styled Black male characters kids can relate to and be proud of,” she added.


Fade Collection features its debut character Greg, the first of many characters to come, who comes with a short and neat haircut and traditional line-up (‘curved’ and ‘faded’ at the temple). Fade Collection celebrates the nuances and delivers on authentic Black male hair styles. Greg also boasts a background that celebrates education, entrepreneurship, and an overarching connection to community. As many kids’ first experience with entrepreneurship in the Black community comes in the form of Barbershops and Beauty Salons, Naturalistas and Fade Collection continue to celebrate cultural pride and culture-driven excellence through play.


Fade Collection is distributed through Purpose Toys, available at Target starting October 2023.