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Contemporary Artist J. Pierce to Launch New Consumer Products for 2024

J Pierce

Fans of J Pierce have always admired his unique art style and the positive feelings his art evokes. J Pierce’s vibrant universe will be introduced into several new consumer product categories, strategic partnerships and retail collaborations beginning in 2024. The new program will also include a charitable alliance with LRG Giving Tree, with a percentage of royalties to be donated annually.
“We are very grateful for the opportunity to align with Justin and his partners to utilize a charitable portion of their royalties towards building wellness rooms for underserved youth in foster care and school settings,” says Eunnie Hur, executive director, LRG Giving Tree.


Partners for the 2024 program include EPI, the toys and publishing division of The Dr. Lisa Company, for a range of sensory-based infant toys, fashion dolls, impulse items, coloring and activity and seasonal dress-up, Fashion Angels for stationery, backpacks and home décor items and Bioworld for kids’ apparel, sleepwear, accessories and home items, with more partners to be announced.


“We are elated to partner with J Pierce as his unique and beautiful art style is inspiring and exhilarating,” says Dr. Lisa Williams, chief executive officer, The Dr. Lisa Company. “His use of colors and patterns makes his work unique and attractive to both – the young and the young at heart, and we look forward to him extending his brilliance into our toys and impulse items. “I know The Fresh Family will love his work as much as I do.”