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Crayola Announces First International Crayola Experience

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Crayola LLC, in association with Max-Matching Entertainments Co, Ltd, announced that Beijing will welcome the Crayola Experience family entertainment venue as part of a new international IP FEC (family entertainment center) complex, Top Park, set for operation in 2026. Serving as destinations for interactive creative play for more than 25 years, Crayola Experience helps kids and adults alike explore art and technology, express their creativity, and experience color in a whole new way. This announcement marks the creativity brand’s first deal for an international Crayola Experience location.


To celebrate the plans for this entirely new complex, Max-Matching Entertainments held a press conference to announce the project earlier this week. Alongside Crayola, the international IP FEC complex, located in north of Universal Beijing Resort within the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, will include five major IP-themed FECs, a themed hotel, a commercial street, and a business center, helping drive increased culture and tourism to the region from China and throughout the world. The new 40,000-square-foot Crayola Experience will provide diverse family-centered experiences including creativity-forward interactive activities with Crayola core products, animation theaters, color labs, and customized products, empowering children to draw their own colorful world with Crayola.


“We are thrilled to bring Crayola Experience and new colorful adventures to Beijing and the global community as part of this exciting international IP complex designed with families in mind,” said Warren Schorr, Crayola Senior Vice President Business Development, Global Licensing & Experiences. “On behalf of Crayola, we are profoundly grateful to Max-Matching Entertainments, and the local city officials for embracing our mission to connect generations, cultures and families through unique color and creativity activations. We look forward to helping make Top Park a destination for imagination-inspiring activities and unique learning experiences for children.”


Max-Matching Entertainments is a leading developer, investor, and operator of international IP visitor attractions entertainment. It is one of the largest location-based entertainment (LBE) licensees in China with rapid expansion across Asia. Max-Matching Entertainments is committed to collaborate with world-famous and world-class IP brands, major developers, and government stakeholders to create family destinations with immersive designs and experiences that bring joy and adventure, stimulate imagination and learning, and produce engaging and lasting memories for guests of every age across China.


Owen Zhao, President of Max-Matching Entertainments stated, “Top Park is a new IP-themed FEC integrated complex which is in line with Beijing’s focus to develop itself as a national cultural center and serving the overall development of the cultural, tourism, and creative industries. We are excited to collaborate with Crayola, the icon of creativity, to establish this new landmark in China and to innovate, create and bring remarkable world-class IP experiences to a new level through our current and many more upcoming FEC projects across China.”