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Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls Band Together Experience Launches on Roblox’s Livetopia

Trolls Band Together Logo Livetopia

Prepare to be transported into a world of colorful wonder and musical magic as DreamWorks Animation’s new chapter in its blockbuster musical franchise, Trolls Band Together, makes its grand entrance on Roblox in the Livetopia Trolls Band Together Experience brought to life by Super League (Nasdaq: SLE), a leading publisher of immersive experiences across the world’s largest metaverse gaming platforms. DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls Band Together arrives in sneak previews Nov. 4 and in theaters Nov. 17. 


This unprecedented collaboration kicks off with five weeks of non-stop excitement, including an exclusive Trolls listening party that runs until October 19 and features three songs from the film, including the new*NSYNC original jam “Better Place,” *NSYNC’s first new song in more than 20 years. That is followed by the custom Trolls Mount Rageous mini-world experience that launches 10/20, and hosts unique Trolls rides and content and a Trolls-inspired mini-world experience. The Trolls experience will be capped off by a Trolls BroZone concert the week of November 13, leading up to the film’s  release in theaters. In the film, BroZone, an all-star boy band, is voiced by Justin Timberlake, Troye Sivan, Eric Andre, Kid Cudi and Daveed Diggs., All five characters from BroZone will make their way to Livetopia to host a unique in-experience concert.


Here in Livetopia, players can interact with their favorite Trolls like Poppy and Branch, and explore the Trolls-themed section of the map. Trolls 3D characters will also appear across other Roblox experiences, hoping to captivate millions. 


“We are thrilled to bring the enchanting world of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls Band Together via Roblox’s Livetopia. Super League has always been at the forefront of creating immersive experiences, and this unprecedented collaboration allows us to blend the magic of Trolls with the boundless creativity of the Roblox community,” said Ann Hand, Chair and CEO of Super League. “It is not just about entertainment; it’s about forging a new frontier where film and digital experiences coalesce into something truly extraordinary. We invite everyone to join us on this remarkable journey, as we set the stage for a fusion of storytelling, interactive play, and musical delight, leading up to the film’s much-anticipated release.”


As a leader in helping brands bring iconic IP to new, immersive digital platforms and as a member of the Roblox Partner Program, Super League will leverage Roblox’s immersive ad platform, activating in-experience billboards that lead players to the Trolls-branded world in Livetopia via brand portals, bringing even more visitors to this magical world. In addition, this exciting new initiative is set to feature several top Roblox YouTubers, all enlisted to create exciting branded content.


Join us on this magical adventure, where dreams and music come to life in Roblox’s Livetopia, and be sure to check out Trolls Band Together in sneak previews Nov. 4 and in theaters November 17.