Mego Toys Shows New 2XL Cobot, the Smartest Next Gen Interactive AI Toy Ahead of Holiday 2023

Mego2 Cobot 2xl

At Toy Fair New York, Mego, a name steeped in toy industry history, offered a first-time sneak peak of their groundbreaking creation – the 2XL Cobot (collaborative robot), that takes interactive family fun to unprecedented heights.


The 2XL is being introduced by Mego2. The first creation of the partnership of Mego and D1srupt1ve Inc., Mego2 builds on the long tradition of Mego, with a special focus on game-changing NextGen Tech Smart Toys – incorporating D1srupt1ve’s M.A.G.I.C. technology at its core.


The 2XL Cobot boasts the following features:

  • Builds Pro-Social Skills: 2XL Cobot helps children develop verbal interaction and social skills conversationally, building their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.


  • Limitless Conversation: With realistic human-like interaction, 2XL can dive deep into subjects, create stories with your child, and grow in sophistication with your child’s age.


  • Multiple Languages: The 2 XL Cobot is able to seamlessly switch between more than 30 languages during conversations, aiding language learning.


  • Single or Group Interactions: The 2 XL Cobot adapts dynamically to multiple people, like friends and family, and brings them into the conversation.


  • Secure Conversations: Children will enjoy 2XL’s ever-changing content with parental control guardrails in place to ensure safe and positive interactions.


  • Guard Rails: 2XL features customizable guardrails – to offer positive reinforcement and monitor conversations for off-topic subjects.


The Mego 2 XL also features facial expressions conveying emotions, a parent app with enhanced safety controls, it is compliant with global privacy rules and security regulations, and it is COPPA Certified.


Established in 1954, Mego has been a pioneer in the world of toys, revolutionizing playtime with its iconic 8-inch action figures from beloved franchises such as Star Trek and Batman. After a successful reboot in the 2010s, Mego has continued to shape the toy and collectibles market, proving that classic toys never go out of style.


Mego 2 is a unique collaboration between the storied Mego Corporation and the visionary game-changers at D1srupt1ve Inc. Founded in 1954, Mego redefined the toy industry with its iconic 8-inch action figures. D1srupt1ve harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration and serves as a catalyst for innovation, reshaping diverse aspects of daily life and industry standards. Mego 2 is the culmination of the dynamic partnership between these two forces, building upon Mego’s legacy and infusing it with a focus on NextGen Tech Toys. It embodies a commitment to interactive, imaginative, and socially enriching toys, delivering a new era of play that fuses tradition with innovation. Mego 2 exemplifies the boundless possibilities technology offers in reshaping the world of toys and entertainment.