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Gamefam, Spin Master and Monster Jam Collaborate on New Roblox Experience

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 Gamefam, the leading metaverse game developer and strategist, and Spin Master,  a leading global children’s entertainment company,  and Monster Jam has unveiled their second in-game integration within Gamefam’s ever-popular Car Dealership Tycoon. Back by popular demand, this new in-game integration follows up last year’s Car Dealership Tycoon Monster Jam experience which resulted in 124MM total global engagements and 6.6MM monster trucks unlocked. 


As part of this year’s Monster Jam themed integration, Roblox players will have access to an all-new ramp, three new monster trucks (Grave Digger Trax, Nitro Neon Grave Digger, and ThunderROARus) in addition to the 12 monster trucks that were already available to unlock last year, and a revised version of Monster Jam stadium for players to participate in race mode or freestyle challenge. Plus, fans will be able to visit the brand-new Monster Jam selfie booth located on the Car Dealership Tycoon map to take a photo of themselves driving in one of the Monster Jam trucks to post on social media. 


This new integrated Roblox experience is designed to help Spin Master and Monster Jam cultivate through the metaverse a whole new generation of dedicated Monster Jam fans and help spark interest in excitement in seeing the live Monster Jam events and engage with toys and consumer products. Moreover, this marks the latest partnership between Spin Master and Gamefam that is helping Spin Master’s properties – from Monster Jam to Bakugun and Unicorn Academy – master the metaverse.