IMC Toys’ Kitoons Transforms as Distributor of Educational Content

Kitoons IMC

IMC Toys, the leading company in toys and entertainment, announces an exciting shift in its content strategy. Kitoons, the umbrella brand that encompasses all of IMC Toys’ entertainment, is launching as a distributor of third-party content, transforming its platforms and channels, including YouTube, OTT, and social media, into powerful outlets for recently acquired high-quality educational series.


The first distribution agreement has been made with Millimages, a prominent producer and distributor of children’s content, covering over 8 series for current and future Kitoons users. The first external series that Kitoons will feature is “Molang,” an exciting addition to its growing content library.


“We are delighted to welcome ‘Molang’ and the rest of Millimages’ series as part of our continually expanding offering,” said Raquel Roca, Director of Communications and Distribution at IMC Toys. “We believe that this partnership with Millimages, the first of many, will strengthen our position in the market and provide a unique viewing experience for our current followers and fans of our existing series.”


In addition to the agreement with Millimages, IMC Toys continues to boost its content through partnerships with external channels and publishing platforms. Their presence on kid’s and general channels worldwide continues to grow month by month, solidifying Kitoons’ content as high-quality children’s entertainment.


With these exciting developments, IMC Toys is solidifying its position as a leader in global children’s and educational entertainment. These efforts build upon the success achieved last year with the agreement with Netflix, which allowed the company to further expand the reach and audience of its acclaimed animated series.


Millimages, established in Paris in 1991, is an independent animation and production studio. The visionary studio prides itself on developing, producing, distributing, and licensing high quality content cross-media, with over 75 IPs generating 10m+ daily views. With over 7 business units and a branch in China, Millimages is a key player in the animation and entertainment landscape.