Tuttie Cutie To Add More Eco-Triendly Fun to Headstart’s Sustainable Resoftables Range

headstart logo Tuttie Cutie Resoftables

Headstart’s plush creations are so much more than loveable companions. With Tuttie Cutie adding more sustainable sweetness to the already impressive range of recycled Resoftables, there’s even more ways to enjoy feel-good play.


Tuttie Cutie Resoftables from Headstart are eco-friendly works of art designed to infuse joy, comfort – and a touch of cute, cuddly charm to your world.


Resoftables Tuttie Cutie is a meaningful new way to strengthen Headstart’s unwavering commitment to a better, more sustainable future of toys for tomorrow.


By believing that the perfect plush toys must be more than simply soft and cuddly, Headstart is proud to introduce the new Tuttie Cutie collectibles as true ambassadors of change.


Think plush toys that embody the magic of smart, stylised design, the snuggly sensation of super-soft textures, and the smart sustainability of 100 per cent recycled materials.


It’s an approach that means each Tuttie Cutie plush is a testament to a genuine desire to help protect the precious planet – and deliver a delightful, hug-able toy experience to suit all ages.


The Resoftables Tuttie Cutie range was introduced at the prestigious New York Toy Fair, featuring:


  • The 4” plush with a bag tag – Bag tags are back and stronger than ever! Clip them on your school bag, pencil case or handbag.
    The 7” plush – A pretty, perfectly portable collectable-sized plush. Build your range and collect them all.


  • The 12” plush – Anyone for cuddles? This plush is made to squeeze and love. Whether you choose the ice cream cone, the sushi or cotton candy – or collect them all! – this plush is proportioned to be the coolest companion for all your adventures.


  • The Box Set (6 box sets with a range of plush perfection inside!) Each plush playmate in the Tuttie Cutie box set range features themed packaging, with the bento box design being home to a delectable assortment of sushi-shaped plush that look good enough to eat. In the vending machine packing, you’ll find some fuzzy, friendly, fizzy drink buddies.


Tuttie Cutie is a smart choice for eco-friendly playtime:


  • 100% Recycled Plush: Resoftables Tuttie Cutie reimagines plush toys with a mission to repurpose recycled materials in the shape of cutely charming (and very cuddly!) companions.


  • Stylised, Food & Animal-related Plush: The new Tuttie Cutie plush toys boast unique, stylised designs that celebrate creativity and self-expression. Discover a world of plush delights with Tuttie Cutie’s sweet themes that are wonderful fun for everyone – young or old.


  • Super Soft & Cuddly: Just when you thought toys could not possibly get any softer and more cuddly – it’s time to meet the new additions to the Resoftables family. Every Tuttie Cutie plush is made for magical moments of relaxation – and warm embraces.


  • Weighted Bottoms: Each Tuttie Cutie plush is lovingly crafted with a weighted bottom, ensuring they sit gracefully on any surface and become a cherished addition to your space.


To welcome the fresh Resoftables Tuttie Cutie range from Headstart into your sustainable world of play, look out for the launch from January 2024.