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Hasbro Unveils Epic Teddy Fresh x Magic: the Gathering Collection

Teddy Fresh x Magic

Los Angeles-based fashion brand Teddy Fresh announced its new collaboration with renowned card game Magic: the Gathering, under license by Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro. As two brands known for celebrating their communities in their industries, the collection displays beloved artwork from the enthralling world of Magic. The highly anticipated Teddy Fresh x Magic: the Gathering collection will debut with an exclusive in-person release at Complex Con on November 18th & 19th, with an online release on November 20th.


See a comprehensive explanation from Hasbro on the Teddy Fresh x Magic: the Gathering collaboration below:


“We embarked on this creative journey by curating artwork from the H3 & Teddy Fresh team’s personal favorite Magic: the Gathering cards. Within our team, there are passionate Magic fans, and we were determined to collaborate using their chosen cards, rather than focusing solely on the rarest or most renowned ones. As a striking example, our tech design manager – Jacob’s – deep love for Liliana of the Dark Realm is so profound that he has her tattooed on his arm, and we’ve honored her by featuring her on one of our knit styles.


Our foremost objective was to ensure that our designs conveyed the essence of Teddy Fresh, rather than merely appearing as MAGIC merchandise. Take, for instance, the Serendib Efreet Tee, which utilizes a Jacquard Intarsia knit technique—a method we’ve employed on several occasions before. This technique elevates the classic tee and has been a staple for the brand.


Similarly, our Corduroy jacket is a Teddy Fresh staple that we’ve revisited, but this time, we’ve given it a fresh update with one-color digital print graphics.


Now, let’s talk about the Mana Cardigan and hat, which are quite playful pieces. These items seamlessly blend the iconic Mana symbols, instantly recognizable to any Magic enthusiast, with our beloved Teddy Fresh bear silhouette. It’s a delightful fusion of our two most iconic logos, and they’re crafted from a slightly fuzzy knit for added fun.


Some standout favorites within our collection include the patches jacket, which exudes a refined workwear aesthetic with its cotton sateen fabric. The plaid lining of this jacket ties back to the Necro-Impotence shirt and the pocket linings on our pants, creating a beautifully cohesive narrative. The jacket’s lining also adds substantial weight, making it an ideal transitional piece.


Our reverence for Magic card art is evident in our designs, as we’ve incorporated artwork from the vast array of Magic cards. Styles like the surgical extraction shirt and the Soulless one tee feature all-over prints of extended card artwork, offering Magic fans a unique and unexpected way to wear their favorite cards, beyond the conventional frame format.


We also wanted to infuse a sense of humor into some pieces, and the Earl of Squirrel tee is a standout favorite among our team. It’s a testament to our willingness to embrace the whimsical and unconventional, even selecting cards as unusual as this one.”