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Playview Brands Invites Art Lovers to Admire Creative Works Piece By Piece!

Playview Art

Playview Brands, a toy company home to gallery-worthy collections of puzzles, is giving art admirers a new appreciation for renowned artists’ work with an ever growing line of jigsaw partnerships. Aiming to elevate the experience of puzzle-solving to an art form in itself, Playview’s collaborations with creatives range from painters to digital artists, and continue to expand piece by piece!


Playview understands that puzzles are for everyone and caters to every type of jigsaw enthusiast with their praised brands: KI Puzzles, which has been providing high quality art puzzles to puzzlers for over twenty years, and Enigma Art Puzzles, a women-run puzzle company that supports and empowers female artists from all around the world, providing a platform to share their stories.


“Art puzzles provide a unique way to appreciate and engage with art and allow puzzlers to explore the details of a painting in a hands-on, interactive manner,” said Lisa Lorenz, Painter and part of Playview’s Canadian Collection. “It’s like becoming a part of the creation process as they reconstruct the artist’s vision.”


Available in a multitude of piece sizes, including 2-sided puzzles, 10-minute minis, and premium 1000 piece puzzles. Playview’s collections are designed to allow puzzlers to get a close up look at the detail and effort of each brush stroke. Whether to set the mood with the Aromatherapy line, which comes with a scented candle, or kickstart the evening with the Girls Night In collection, these puzzles showcase an eclectic array of themes and motifs that resonate with the artistic diversity present in today’s world.


“Puzzlers are attracted to assembling art puzzles because it offers them a unique way to engage with art, up close and personal,” said Melissa McKinnon, Canadian Contemporary Landscape Artist. “The process involves more than just admiring a piece; it’s about actively participating in its creation, understanding its composition, and enjoying the challenge.”


Playview’s puzzle collections are available to purchase on, Loblaws, Rossy, and at select US Lowes stores starting this month. Playview Brands’ collaboration with artists represents a true fusion of two worlds, where puzzle lovers and art connoisseurs come together, each with a new piece of vibrant décor to hang proudly.


Available puzzle collections include:

100pc 10-Minute Puzzle Collection
KI Puzzles Everyday Collections
300 PC
500 PC
750 PC
1000 PC
Enigma Art Premium Puzzles
Peaceful Art & Aromatherapy Candle
500 PC Hygge Collection
500 PC Girls Night In Collection