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Target Wonderland Event Held for Local NYC Families to Enjoy the 2023 Holiday Spirit

Target Wonderland 2023 NYC

On November 18 and 19, Target held an open air 2023 Holiday Wonderland for New York citizens and families to attend. The event was packed with activities and opportunities to earn treats, target gift cards, swag, and more! Attractions included a full display of hot upcoming Target toys for holiday 2023, a miniature target check out counter and photo opp, a Nintendo booth with competitive Mario Kart, and a demo of the highly anticipated Super Mario Wonder, a full gingerbread house village diorama, a VR station, a cameo appearance from Bullseye the Dog,  and much much more. Opening day had a full line wrapped around multiple blocks. Residents of Dallas, TX should look forward to a visit from the Target Wonderland on December 2nd and 3rd.  See photo highlights of the event below!