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Cry Babies Joins El Reino Infantil

IMC El Reino

IMC Toys, a prominent player in the toys and children’s content industry, announces an exciting collaboration with El Reino Infantil, a wold leading community for children in Spanish. Soon, Cry Babies Magic Tears, BFF and VIP Pets of Kitoons will become an integral part of the varied programming on El Reino Infantil’s YouTube channels.


In a move to enrich the musical offerings of El Reino Infantil’s main YouTube channel, IMC Toys’ captivating musical content will be integrated into its main YouTube channel, which boasters over 60 million subscribers, promising to being an unparalleled musical and visual experience to it’s expansive global audience.


As part of the collaboration, some of our Kitoons content will be on El Reino Infantil’s YouTube channels in eight different languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, German, and Romanian. This multilingual approach not only enhances the global appeal of Kitoons, but also ensures that children worldwide can immerse themselves in these exciting stories in their native language.


With this partnership, IMC Toys emphasizes its leadership in the market of children’s entertainment, strategically leveraging the expansive audience of El Reino Infantil to bring Kitoons’ content to an even broader global audience. The collaboration will see the implementation of innovative strategies to boost views on Kitoons’ YouTube channel, mutually benefiting both parties in the promotion and dissemination of content.


El Reino Infantil is a global entertainment brand that focuses on creating and distributing family-oriented content. It features a kids’ content network with over 230 million subscribers on YouTube in ten languages including the most viewed Spanish channel worldwide with 60 million subscribers.


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We are well-known for our Animated TV Series for kids, such as Zenon the Farmer, Bichikids, Zoo Songs, Blu Family, and Paco the Sailor, developing playsets with business affairs in LATAM, Asia, and Europe, and a live show that performs in the main cities of LATAM and Spain.