Mattel Signs Agreement with Amazon MGM Studios to Produce Wednesday Dolls and Collector Sets

Wednesday Mattel

Mattel has announced a multi-year licensing deal with Amazon MGM Studios to create and sell co-branded dolls and collector sets inspired by MGM Television’s Wednesday.


In 2024, Mattel will release co-branded Wednesday dolls and collector sets through its Monster High and Little People Collector properties, respectively, fusing the iconic characters with Mattel’s cherished toys.


Mattel’s Monster High and Little People Collector brands have much in common with Wednesday, with a finger on the pulse of social trends and a commitment to inclusivity. Both Monster High and Wednesday center on high schools full of monsters and the supernatural, not to mention the chicest of fashions, making the two an even more perfect match. While the immense popularity of The Addams Family spans generations, there has been a recent spike in fandom thanks to the hit series, Wednesday, which is available on Netflix.


Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams’ misadventures as a student at Nevermore Academy, a unique boarding school snuggled in deepest New England. The series marked the first time fans got to see the character of Wednesday as a teenager, launching in November 2022 at #1 in 83 countries. Shortly after launch, Wednesday also became the #1 most watched English-language series of all time on Netflix. With today’s news, fans around the globe will soon be able to purchase products honoring the beloved character and series.


Mattel’s co-branded Wednesday dolls and collector sets are expected to be available in 2024 through the Wednesday storefront on Amazon and other retailers.