TikTok Trickshot Trend Shoots Bank-A-Ball to Top of Gift Lists

Bank-A-Ball Trickshot

ABetter Design Company has announced that its Bank-A-Ball Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop is getting a big “assist” from the TikTok trickshot challenges among teens, tweens, and Gen -Zers.


Bank-A-Ball, the all-new indoor mini basketball structure, is considered to be the World’s Most Advanced Trickshot Basketball Set because of its multi-adjustable backboard angles and rim.


Bank-A-Ball Inventor, David Beker, explains, ”Bank-A-Ball basketball is a slam dunk. The adjustable backboard and rim make trickshots super simple. It’s so easy that anyone can just grab the ball and score some fun. It’s great to see everyone filming and posting their most creative shots.”


The company’s Bank-A-Ball TikTok Channel @bank_a_ball and Instagram @bank_a_ball are currently receiving hundreds and thousands of views for postings and reels, with several shared videos and tags from fans taking their own “shots.”


“It’s cool to be part of the trickshot challenge craze,” Beker said. “We’re amazed at the creativity and exuberance of players making these incredible shots. I can’t wait to see what the holiday season will bring when Santa delivers Bank-A-Ball gifts to all the dudes this year.”


Recently named as a 2023 Family Choice Top Holiday Gift Pick, Mom’s Choice 2023 Gold Award, and National Parenting Publications Award Winner, Bank-A-Ball was cited by reviewers and consumer influencers, as a dude perfect perfect-gift-for-dudes ages 4 through 24.


Bank-A-Ball  is the adjustable angle basketball backboard and rim that hooks atop a standard-sized door to turn any room into a playroom. Bank-A-Ball is a sturdy, 6-position segmented backboard with a 7-position spring-loaded adjustable, collapsible rim. It revolutionizes the trickshot possibilities with a whole new angle(s).