Zigazoo Kids Polls Reveal Their Favorite TOTY Awards Toys Before the Holidays

Zigazoo Kids Awards

Zigazoo Kids, the world’s largest social network for kids, has unleashed a playful revolution ahead of the Holidays: kid-polled stats spotlighting their favorite toys among the Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY Awards) finalists! The trailblazing platform leveraged its new market intelligence solution, polling kids on Zigazoo to share their preferences on this year’s standout toys based on TOTY Awards panelist picks for 2023.


It’s no secret kids have control when it comes to the holiday shopping season, with NRF finding “90% of parents say their children influence their purchase decisions,” which is why Zigazoo Kids aimed to unveil this year’s wishlist toppers from the audience who matters most: kids themselves! The platform used the influential Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY Awards) finalists to discover what kids want most, receiving over 6,300 votes on their app’s polling feature!


The results? The TOTY Awards panelists’ insightful selections demonstrated a keen understanding of children’s preferences, with the winners aligning with 40% of the kid-polled picks! However, kids had different ideas of what they wanted most in the Action Figure, Collectible, Creative, Specialty Toy, Vehicle, and Playset categories.


“With so many conflicting gift guides, we wanted to turn to the most authentic and uninhibited judges – the children who play with these toys,” said Zak Ringelstein, CEO and Founder of Zigazoo. “The TOTY Awards have always been incredibly on the pulse for discovering each year’s top toys, prompting our curiosity to experience them from a kid’s perspective as well.” The top toys from the 10 selected Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY Awards) finalist categories, selected by Zigazoo Kids (See winners HERE):


● Action Figure of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: Pokémon Train & Play Deluxe Pikachu by Jazwares (54% of

● Collectible of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: Bitzee by Spin Master (34% of votes)

● Construction Toy of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: LEGO® Disney ‘Up’ House by LEGO Systems, Inc. (46% of


● Creative Toy of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: American Girl® Create Your OwnTM by Mattel, Inc. (38% of

● Doll of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: Barbie The Movie Dolls by Mattel, Inc. (53% of votes)

● Game of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: 5 Second Rule Relay by PlayMonster (30% of votes)

● Plush of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: 16” Squishmallows by Jazwares (60% of votes)

● Specialty Toy of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: Shashibo Jumbie Artist Series by Fun In Motion Toys (32%
of votes)

● Vehicle of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: RC Akula (Avatar: The Way of Water) by McFarlane Toys
(40% of votes)

● Playset of the Year
○ Zigazoo Kids Choice: Scribble Scrubbie Glow Lagoon Playset by Crayola (48% of


Beyond the top toys, Zigazoo Kids polled its users to glean holiday insights and will continue to lean into its newly launched suite of marketing intelligence tools. Last year, almost half of consumers started their holiday shopping before November, but Zigazoo Kids found that may be jumping the gun. Trend-specific polling found last-minute holiday shoppers may be onto something, with results revealing a majority of kids are still working on their wishlists. The polls also displayed 37% of these wishlist ideas come from online or in-store shopping, which beat both YouTube/Social Media, their friends, and school.


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