Cra-Z-Art Celebrates 100 Years of its Roseart Brand

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Cra-Z-Art, a prime manufacturer in the U.S.A and leader in trendy toy, activity, art and school supply products, is proud to celebrate the 100th year of its RoseArt brand. RoseArt was founded in 1923 by Isador Rosen and eventually led by Lawrence and Jeffrey Rosen, the third generation of the family.


The company developed from a small supplier of toys and puzzles to one of America’s largest toy manufacturers. One of the company’s earliest successful products was the “Big Apple” game developed in 1925, propelling the company to new heights. “Popeye Pipe Toss” soon followed, developed in 1931, and became one of the company’s most famous products during this era, selling over one million units. After a near disastrous fire in 1985 that almost destroyed the company, the Rosens rebuilt the company, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, into an empire. An important and celebratory milestone occurred in 2021 when Cra-Z-Art and Chairman Lawrence Rosen purchased RoseArt back from Mattel, reuniting the classic brand with the Rosen family who originally founded the company.


The key reason for the company’s longevity is being on the pulse of what kids crave. RoseArt is known for discovering hot trends and quickly bringing quality products to market for children and adults to enjoy. RoseArt was the first company to introduce art activity kits in the mid-twentieth century, which then became a staple item.


Capitalizing on trends has also continued with Cra-Z-Art. The company started the slime trend back in 2017 and its Cra-Z Slimy product remains hot today. “We have continually had success with being able to predict, based on monitoring consumer behavioral patterns, what toys will perform in the marketplace. We use our boundless creativity and innovation to bring these trends to life and inspire kids”, says Lawrence Rosen, Cra-Z-Art Chairman.


RoseArt now produces and globally markets such popular products as Kodak jigsaw puzzles, USA Gold writing instruments, Scribble Stuff Pens, Fuzzy Posters, etc. Cra-Z-Art continues to produce such iconic items as Snoopy Sno Cone and Magna Doodle as well as best-selling Shimmer ‘N Sparkle craft and activity kits. They also own the Rose Moon factory in Lewisburg, Tennessee, America’s largest pencil factory, as well as manufacturing and distribution facilities in Jacksonville, Florida. The production facilities contribute to Cra-Z-Art’s goal of significantly increasing production of goods made in the U.S.A. The company has over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space domestically, the largest U.S. footprint in the industry.


“We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of our RoseArt brand,” said Rosen. “The company was started by my grandfather, then run by my father, Syd, my brother, Jeffrey, and myself. We have created tens of thousands of nostalgic toys, games, and crafts throughout the world. The success and longevity of the brand is a testament to the continued hard work, business savvy and creativity of our entire team. We continue to produce quality products, including toys, arts and crafts kits, puzzles, premium writing instruments and paints that remain very popular and resonate with the child as well as the mature adult consumer. We see tremendous growth that will keep us a key player in the industry for years to come as we extend product lines and explore new channels for distribution”.


RoseArt and Cra-Z-Art products are sold at major retailers including Walmart, Target and Amazon as well as the company’s own website (