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‘Twilight Daycare: The Show’ Debuts in Roblox with Record Numbers

Twilight Daycare Show

Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS), the innovative IP animation studio, and Gamefam, the leading metaverse game developer, publisher and strategist, teamed up to produce a genre-defining, immersive scripted comedy series based on the massive hit Roblox experience Twilight Daycare (over 2 billion lifetime visits) – marking the first-ever animated series produced fully in Roblox. Debuting last July during an exclusive 5-day in-game window, Twilight Daycare: The Show debuted centered around a first-of-its-kind interactive roleplay experience. engaging 1.6 million viewers. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response, WSS and Gamefam are releasing five additional episodes of the show, every other week starting on Friday, January 19, 2024.


Twilight Daycare: The Show is filled with off-the-wall baby antics and follows three teenage caretakers Lani, Miles and Tee working at Twilight Daycare. Under the watchful eye of their overbearing boss, Ms. Magdelin, the three go head-to-head with a gaggle of scheming, pranking, goofball babies – leading to ridiculous situations, more than one mix-up and a lot of diaper changes. It’s all a storyworld extension of the craziness happening in real time on Twilight Daycare on Roblox, where community members have fun connecting and communicating, roleplaying as babies, toddlers or caretakers, feeding, changing diapers, playing with toys, learning and going on incredible excursions.


Last summer’s pilot showcased the innovative possibilities for Roblox series content where players, following the viewing of the first 11-minute episode, “Baby B or Not to Be,” immersed themselves in the interactive. Here they roleplayed what they had seen within the show and went on a hide and seek quest through Twilight Daycare to find a missing baby. Participants received exclusive virtual items as a reward. Engagement was strong with over 580,000 players watching the complete episode and 350,000 completing the entire quest which included watching the episode, finding Baby B in the daycare and returning to the cinema to find Baby B again.


“Wind Sun Sky is always looking to find new mediums and technologies to tell compelling stories and build exciting brands such as Twilight Daycare. Our partnership with Gamefam allowed us to bring our creative storytelling expertise to the unique genre of Roblox roleplay games – creating an innovative immersive format that we believe will be a huge hit not just with the game’s fans – but with global audiences who appreciate fan-tailored “metaverse” experiences,” said Wind Sun Sky’s CEO Catherine Winder.


“At Gamefam, we believe the next mega franchises will be born from the metaverse. With Twilight Daycare, and in partnership with Wind Sun Sky, we’ve flipped the script by developing a crazy cast of characters and a fun storyline that will be enjoyed by millions both on Roblox and far beyond,” said Alli Guglielmino, Senior Vice President of Growth at Gamefam. “The fan reaction to the animated series exceeded expectations and we’ll continue to listen to the 600,000 daily Twilight Daycare users on what they want to see and do next.”


With the metaverse continuing to provide new ways for franchises to engage fans, WSS is at the forefront of developing scripted content on the Roblox platform which includes the recently announced Creatures of Sonaria. In collaboration with Gamefam, WSS adapted the popular immersive experience into a rich narrative universe through a hybrid approach of traditional animated production techniques and game engine technologies to produce the content. Twilight Daycare: The Show is the first series from a Roblox experience to be adapted into a narrative franchise by WSS with more properties to come.


Since its release in March 2021, Twilight Daycare has become a sensation on Roblox, attracting over 2 billion visits to date, 82,000 virtual merchandise purchases and an average engagement time of 12.3 minutes per session. With the animated series, massive social media presence, and successful toy product line, the franchise’s footprint has transitioned far beyond the metaverse and into many forms of entertainment.


To start, players can view the next two episodes; “Three Caretakers and a Baby Boss” (ep. 2) and “Babies Got Talent (ep. 3),” within Twilight Daycare for free on Roblox via most platforms and devices, including consoles, PCs, mobile, and tablets. Additional episodes will be made available throughout February and March 2024.