Ravensburger Announces Set 4 Release for Disney Lorcana TCG

Disney Lorcana TCG Ursula Returns

Ravensburger, the award-winning publisher of games, puzzles and toys, held its inaugural Disney Lorcana Lorecast livestream event, announcing new additions to the wildly popular Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game (TCG) lineup as well as new details about the game’s forthcoming competitive Disney Lorcana Challenge. Ursula’s Return, the fourth set of the Disney Lorcana TCG, brings even more Disney characters into the game and evolved game mechanics while also continuing the story told over the first three sets. The Illumineer’s Quest “Deep Trouble” is a brand-new, cooperative game that will have players facing Disney’s Ursula in an epic battle for the first time. Both products will be released first at local game stores, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Disney Store Times Square, Disney Store Dublin and Disney Store Oxford retail locations on May 17, 2024, followed by mass market retailers on May 31, 2024.


Ursula’s Return

In this new set, the devious and power-hungry glimmer of Disney’s sea witch Ursula — who was freed from the Illuminary in the second set, Rise of the Floodborn — is ready to put her plans into motion and take over Lorcana with only the players and their trusted glimmers standing in her way. Ursula’s Return will introduce additional franchises, beloved characters, and new gameplay evolutions and reveal more of the story of Lorcana and the Illumineers summoned there.


While additional details on mechanics and franchises are set to be released in the future, Ravensburger confirmed the arrival of highly anticipated characters, including Bruno and the rest of the Madrigal family from Disney’s Encanto as well as iconic characters Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey and Yen Sid from Disney’s Fantasia.


The Disney Lorcana TCG set Ursula’s Return will include two Starter Decks featuring combinations of Amethyst & Amber or Sapphire & Steel cards ($16.99 USD/$21.99 CAD) and Booster Packs ($5.99 USD/$7.99 CAD). A new Illumineer’s Trove ($49.99 USD/$64.99 CAD) and play accessories, including Card Sleeves ($9.99 USD/$12.99 CAD), Deck Boxes ($5.99 USD/$7.99 CAD) and Playmats ($19.99 USD/$24.99 CAD) will also be available. All cards in this set can be used to customize or update existing Disney Lorcana TCG decks or played alongside the previously released sets, The First Chapter, Rise of the Floodborn and Into the Inklands.


Illumineer’s Quest “Deep Trouble”

Players can either team up with friends or undertake a solo mission to defeat the glimmer of Ursula and save Lorcana in the Illumineer’s Quest “Deep Trouble,” the first Disney Lorcana TCG cooperative game. The game follows the Illumineers as they track down the malevolent glimmer Ursula to her lair at the edge of Lorcana. Unfortunately, Ursula has been preparing for the Illumineers’ arrival by entangling other glimmers with mind control as well as causing natural disasters to create seemingly impossible obstacles. It will take every bit of the Illumineers’ skill and teamwork to keep Ursula from cementing her hold on the realm of Lorcana. The game includes a guided gameplay area for Ursula, two preconstructed Disney Lorcana TCG player decks (featuring Disney’s Mulan and Yen Sid and built with cards from the first four Disney Lorcana TCG sets) and a fierce Ursula deck. This sea witch plays by her own rules.


The game offers four difficulty levels ranging from easy to extreme, with each level featuring rules variations that make the play experience unique. Ursula’s power increases throughout the game, so players are encouraged to customize their decks for their best chance of success at the extreme difficulty level. Endlessly replayable, the game includes everything needed for 1-2 players and can be expanded up to 4 players with additional Disney Lorcana TCG decks. Players can utilize the cards featured in the preconstructed player decks or bring their own decks to the game. Ursula’s deck features a unique card back to make her cards easily distinguishable. The game is suitable for Disney Lorcana TCG players ages 8+ and will retail for $59.99 USD/$74.99 CAD.


Disney Lorcana Challenge

Illumineers across the globe will soon be able to compete in the Disney Lorcana Challenge, a new competitive event circuit for the Disney Lorcana TCG. Launching May 25, Disney Lorcana Challenge offers players the chance to win exclusive prizes, including an extended art Dragon Fire promo card for all participants. Additionally, players can earn other extended art versions of popular cards from previous releases, including Let It Go, Cinderella – Stouthearted and Rapunzel – Gifted With Healing. The top four players at each event will also receive serialized, extended art versions of Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor. Disney Lorcana Challenge launches with events in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and in Lille, France. The circuit will feature side events such as Disney Villainous tournaments, which were featured at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged in 2023. Head to for details on the full schedule, rules, tickets and any other updates as they’re available.