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Gwen Austin Studios Introduces ‘Saving Soup’ Series, Product Line


Gwen Austin Studios announced the release of its new animated series, Saving Soup, and product line launching at ASTRA Marketplace this week.


Episode one of the series premiered on a YouTube channel of the same name on June 9. The animated short series follows a gang of friendly creatures proving that you don’t need to be anything more than yourself to create something great. The series is set in a mythical yesteryear, and geared for kids ages 4–7.  Its theme is designed to convey to children and parents that we all share a lot of commonalities, and that failures along the way are acceptable, even important, parts of the creative process.


“It’s high time that we all hear more of these stories, and one of Saving Soup’s messages is that telling them should always be celebrated, never feared, and, quite often, hilarious,” said Gwen Austin, the show’s creator and executive producer. “Share your story with the world, even if it takes a few times to get it right.”


The Saving Soup product line will be introduced to the retailers June 10th at the Astra Marketplace and Academy in Pittsburgh.  Gwen Austin Studios will be in Booth NP5, located in the New Players Park.  The introductory product line includes plush toys, puzzles, reusable school lunch bags, and a card game. The products are for children ages 4 and up.