Cosmos-Maya Celebrates 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi with Brand New Kids Show

Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary

India and Singapore-based animation studio Cosmos-Maya is launching Gandhi, a new animated kids’ show inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

The show pays homage to Gandhi and has been commissioned by the Walt Disney Company India. Although the show is aimed primarily at 4-11 year olds, it is entertainment for the whole family. The 52 x 11’ episode series is available in all major languages worldwide.

Anish Mehta, CEO, Cosmos-Maya said: “Growing consumerism and materialism have brought with them the paradox of the ‘extra’. We have started to consume much more than we require. This has started to adversely affect everything, be it our behaviors, our lifestyle, and even the very earth we inhabit. We, however, have also started to take corrective measures. We teach our kids to take cognizance of the good and bad happening in the world and grow up to be conscientious human beings. Gandhi, several decades ago, followed the dictum of a frugal and minimalistic, yet purpose driven life. ‘Trends’ like ecological conservation, fitness, healthy eating, and decluttering have reappeared and are now normative behaviors, but they were advocated by Gandhi a long time ago. He envisioned the Greta Thunbergs of the world when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Out of the many gifts Gandhi left for kids of subsequent generations, the greatest is instilling in them self-belief. Today, when the world faces the perils of climate change, global warming, and plastic, caused by the over-exploitation of natural resources, inculcating Gandhian values into the lives of our children is the need of the hour.”
Gandhi Animated Kids' Show
In the series, Gandhi is the wise elder of a contemporary neighborhood in the modern world. A diverse group of people dwell here, all living together in harmony. Every day is different here, some joyous, some challenging, but the two constants are Gandhi’s angelic presence and his three wise monkeys, who always accompany him. Together, they always endeavor to help kids to face their problems, right wrongs, add a positive spin to adversity and finally come out on top. Gandhi passes on his wisdom and guidance to the good people of the town in his own unique, charming way that strikes a universal chord.