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Spin Master Launches New Preschool App, Gabby’s Dollhouse


Spin Master launches Gabby’s Dollhouse app in collaboration with Universal. Based on DreamWorks Animation’s all-new Netflix original preschool series set to debut on November 3 and developed by Spin Master Digital Studio, this interactive mobile app leads preschoolers from room to room through a fantastical and colorful dollhouse of delightful mini-worlds and irresistible kitty characters.

Users join Gabby as they unbox cute, miniature and exciting surprises, discover new hobbies, make friends with the most adorable kitties and participate in fun magical games that let users sing, paint, cook, plant, craft and more. Featuring 30+ mini games and an interactive open game play platform, Gabby’s Dollhouse app promotes a growth mindset and encourages passion, perseverance and resilience in a fun, creative and safe digital environment. Early testing showed the average time spent in the app to be 32 minutes, more than double what is generally seen in preschool apps.

Spin Master has a had long, successful partnership with Universal Brand Development and DreamWorks Animation, and we are proud to bring Gabby to life in app form for preschoolers to experience and interact with. In 2021, a new toy line will be introduced that will include playsets, figures, plush, games and puzzles.

Gabby’s Dollhouse app is available globally in 14 languages and is free to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store among others. Rated for ages 4+.