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Exploding Kittens Creators Plan New Gaming Convention

The creators of Exploding Kittens announced plans for a new gaming convention: Burning Cat.


The announcement was made today in the form of an email to previous backers and across its social channels, coinciding with the launch of a Burning Cat website detailing plans for the event.


According to the website, written in typical Exploding Kittens style: “At this event things will happen. You will play games. You will learn things. People will talk. A large man will be dressed as a cat. You do not have to talk to this man. A cat might explode. We suggest you avoid this cat.”


The event was created out of the creators’ own frustrations with the current gaming convention circuit, describing current conventions as becoming glorified shopping mall with few people actually playing games. Burning Cat is self-described as a con “you attend if you want to have actual fun. This is a place to observe and/or participate in games, comedy, and creativity. This is a place for tabletop gamers, card game players, casual party game players, families who love games, game makers, or anyone who ever hosted a game night.”


An obvious spoof on Burning Man, Burning Cat will feature a mega Burning Cat statue planned to set fire at the conclusion of the show and its own life source, Burning Cat: THE RING. Inside this gladitorial cage, attendees can participate in oversized games and invented sports that “defy the nature of laws.”

This may include:

  • Cat-themed American Gladiator
  • Dodgeball, but the balls are massive and covered in hair (Hairball)
  • A dunk tank full of LaCroix sparkling beverage
  • The world’s largest game of freeze tag


The convention will also feature speakers, gaming tournaments, and an after-hours game night. More details on these activities along with exhibitors will follow.


The convention’s organizers are also quick to note that Ja Rule will not be involved in the production of the event, or any other former Frye Festival people, in any way.


The convention is expected to take place in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center on May 16-17, 2020. For additional details, visit the Burning Cat website.