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ToyFest West Postpones the March 2021 Show

The Western Toy & Hobby Representatives Association, the WTHRA Board of Directors and ToyFest Slate of Officers have deemed it necessary, as a direct result of the pandemic, to postpone the annual ToyFest West Trade show in March of 2021 to later in the year, dates TBD.
The WTHRA is now shifting its focus to hosting the 60th Anniversary show once conditions improve significantly enough to support a safe environment for all of our valued attendees.
Lawrence Nissen, WTHRA President, said in an announcement: “Independent sales reps provide an invaluable service and collectively we are committed with supporting our customers and our manufacturers through these challenging times. We are also grateful and appreciate that our customers in turn provide a valuable resource to the communities they serve. It is our collective intention to continue the great work we have accomplished together with a hopeful eye towards a healthy recovery for us all in the near future.”