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Sempahore Announces Collaboration Between Braille Skateboarding and R&R Footwear

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YouTube’s #1 Skateboarding Channel, Braille Skateboarding, launched its signature toy line featuring blind bags filled with replica fingerboards and skate ramps, as well as mystery surprise sets, in Target and Amazon beginning in late July. Fans went wild for these iconic toys which are based off of the channel’s popular Skate Everything Series. The series features a collection of videos that showcase founder Aaron Kyro creating skateboards from anything other than what you would think to use, including household items such as computer keyboards, ironing boards, electric guitars and gummy bears. Retailers could not keep product in stock and began placing reorders to meet the elevated consumer demand which is largely fueled by their YouTube Channel following which has over 5.16 million subscribers. Additional availability has also been made possible through new distribution in mega retailers including 5 Below in the USA as well as the first international retailer, Smyth’s, based in the UK. Currently, projections show that by the end of 2020, close to 1 million finger boards will have been shipped to retailers.

The rapid success of this initial licensing deal for Braille has positioned the brand to scale with new and innovative licensing opportunities. Armed with the desire to create a stylish and functional skate shoe that would appeal to skaters and non-skaters alike, Aaron Kyro and Semaphore Licensing sought out R&R Footwear who are known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Respected for his innate ability to make skateboarding fun and approachable for all, Aaron has always been in search of a better skate shoe – and is now endeavoring to create it. Aaron plans to chronicle the development journey that will bring the world’s newest skate shoe to life, up to its much anticipated debut in retailers slated for Summer 2021.

“We’re ramping up to bring unique products to shelves globally on behalf of Braille Skateboarding. We join Aaron in his mission to ensure the entire world knows what a “Braille board” is.”-Michael Bienstock, Founder and CEO, Semaphore Licensing Solutions