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LeapFrog Reveals RockIt Twist, New Gaming System

LeapFrog reveals RockIt Twist, a new gaming system for kids ages 4 to 8

LeapFrog reveals RockIt Twist, a new handheld gaming system that reinvents educational gaming for kids ages 4–8.


The new system features four sides of buttons, spinners, sliders and switches to turn and play; light-up up controls; multiple games; digital pets; and music to provide a unique play experience that offers learning with a twist.


“Educational content is important to parents and we’re serving that up in a gaming system that kids are asking for,” said Andy Keimach, President, VTech Electronics North America, LeapFrog’s parent company. “We’re incredibly excited to share this unique new take on handheld gaming.”


Twelve preloaded games help kids learn a variety of skills including literacy, math, problem solving, science and creativity. Kids can play with three digital pets and nurture them to grow. For added gameplay, additional RockIt Twist game packs (sold separately) include more games, plus a new digital pet and RockIt Pet to match. They feature themes such as baking, animals, dinosaur, and more.


RockIt Twist will be available later this year and on display at Toy Fair New York.