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New Monopoly Voice Banking Game Leaves Cheaters Sidelined


Hasbro’s Monopoly brand is giving a voice to Mr. Monopoly with the launch of its new Monopoly Voice Activated Banking Game.


The game will hit shelves on July 1, but is already available for preorder at Walmart. The game features lights, sounds, and an interactive Mr. Monopoly banking unit- shaped like the iconic top hat with buttons representing each of the players in the game.


The top hat is voice-activated and Mr. Monopoly will handle all of the game’s transitions. This includes keeping tabs on players’ money and properties so there is no cash or cards to think about—and it may be much more difficult for #monopolycheaters. For example, players will press their token’s button and say (into the top hat), “Buy St. James Place” and Mr. Monopoly will track the transaction, keeping the game moving with commentary.The game even throws in a few Millennial Monopoly-worthy add ons such as “paying 50 toward your student loan bill.”


With Mr. Monopoly keeping tabs on your assets, this will also likely mean a bit less set-up and quicker gameplay.

As with all Monopoly games, to win, players must travel around the board aiming to be the person with the most money and highest property value.