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FanGirl Named Licensing Agent for Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard


The estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Four Screens Management have selected FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management as its global licensing agent.

Co-founder of Wu-Tang Clan and founder of Brooklyn Zoo, Ol’ Dirty Bastard has been a hip-hop icon since breaking on the scene in 1995. Multi-generational ODB fans number in the millions and can be found at concerts worldwide celebrating his legacy along with his son and brand ambassador, Young Dirty Bastard.

FanGirl will work closely with Four Screens Management to build a licensing program that continues to build on ODB’s legacy, tapping into his fun-loving nature and desire to live life to its fullest.

“Four Screens has managed the estate of ODB for four years. We’ve cultivated the brand to a level where we are thrilled to bring on FanGirl. We believe this partnership will take the Ol’ Dirty Bastard Legacy brand to the next level,” says Nicole Beckett, partner and creative director at Four Screens Management. “We have been looking for a creative force in licensing who matches our own enthusiasm for the Ol’ Dirty Bastard Legacy brand. We found that excitement in Anita/FanGirl and are looking forward to expanding the brand and bring more authentic ODB products to the fans.”

“Upholding the legacy of Ol’ Dirty Bastard is our mission at the Estate, and I am thrilled FanGirl will be representing us globally. We have fans all over the world, and they are always looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate ODB,” said Icelene Jones, administrator of the Estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“Growing up in the 90s, it was hard not to have been personally impacted by the music of Wu-Tang and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. I am honored and thrilled that the Estate has selected my team to unlock the fandom behind the Ol’ Dirty Bastard legacy and we look forward to working with the team at Four Screens Management to build this global franchise,” says Anita Castellar, CEO, FanGirl.