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The Licensing Shop to Rep Moose’s Kindi Kids


The Licensing Shop Inc. has been appointed by Moose to develop the licensing program in the U.S. and Canadian markets for its newest preschool property, Kindi Kids.


The program will launch in the back-to-school window of 2020 with product categories such as apparel, accessories, stationery, publishing and drinkware. The program will expand in 2021 to include sleepwear, room décor, party goods, and snacks in addition to others.


Moose also announced new Kindi Kids licensees The Bentex Group (Master Apparel and Swimwear) including Bentex, Dreamwave, and HIS International and Komar Brands (Sleepwear) are already on board.


“Moose Toys continues to diversify its brand portfolio, and at Licensing Expo we are showcasing Kindi Kids, our first consumer products program specifically developed for the preschool market,” said Menal McGrath, vice-president, global licensing, Moose Toys. “The world of Kindi Kids has strong licensing appeal and reception to the brand has been extremely positive.”


The Kindi Kids are four quirky and colorful bobblehead dolls with magical accessories that move and come alive, sparking imaginative play and guiding young girls on their journey to kindergarten.


“Kindi Kids is more than a brand launch for Moose Toys. It’s an incredible opportunity to disrupt the preschool aisle to celebrate the major milestone of entering kindergarten for the first time,” said Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys. “We’ve received great support from retailers, and this is just the beginning for Kindi Kids. We are building out a robust world with music and content, with more to come.”


The world of Kindi Kids, Rainbow Kindi, will also come alive with original content on YouTube launching in June.