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Planeta Junior Extends IMPS Partnership for The Smurfs

Planeta Junior Smurfs

Planeta Junior has signed an agreement with IMPS, the global license holder of popular brand The Smurfs, and will coordinate the brand’s licensing program in Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Planeta Junior is already The Smurfs’ agent in Iberia. Thanks to outstanding licensing and brand development achievements, IMPS has decided to renew the agreement and add CEE to the list of territories represented by Planeta Junior.

Planeta Junior will manage the licensing program in all categories, except publishing, in all aspects of The Smurfs IP including: the classic brand, (which targets millennial audiences,) and the animated feature films and series, (causing a storm among younger audiences). The new The Smurfs CGI series will hit TV screens in 2022.

“We are happy to extend our collaboration with such a strong and passionate partner as Planeta Junior. They have been very successful increasing the value of The Smurfs in the Iberian market with a broad range of great products that embody the joyful spirit of The Smurfs.” says Véronique Culliford, President & Founder of IMPS / LAFIG and daughter of Peyo. “With the New TV coming, we want to collaborate with the best partners and Planeta Junior is definitely one of those”.

The Smurfs are some of the most iconic and best loved characters ever created. We are proud to renew this property’s management in Spain and Portugal and to add CEE countries to the agreement. Adults and children will love the amazing products we are developing, which will take The Smurfs into unexplored territories.” proclaimed Ignacio Segura, Managing Director, Planeta Junior.

This historic brand is based on the characters and universe Belgian cartoonist Peyo created in 1958. It’s now more relevant than ever, thanks to recent film projects in CGI animation and live action, as well as the latest TV CGI series for 5-10 year olds, which will receive its world premiere in 2022. This new series will feature all the elements that made The Smurfs iconic: comedy, adventure, action, pace and quick-fire dialogue.

The Smurfs are adorable little blue creatures with unique personalities and big values and who solve problems on a daily basis with wisdom and teamwork. Their classic values of tolerance, friendship, fun and respect for nature are fully aligned with current lifestyles. The Smurfs defended these values by taking part in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals campaign.