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PlayMonster Will Introduce Star Wars Products in 2022

PlayMonster Logo Tim Kilpin Global Magnatab Minis

PlayMonster has partnered with LucasFilm to introduce a range of Star Wars-themed products from Koosh, Colorforms, Spirograph, and more product lines in 2022.

The Koosh brand — under license from Hasbro —will reimagine its squiggly balls as Star Wars universe characters including The Mandalorian, Grogu (a.k.a. Baby Yoda), Darth Vader, and more. Spirograph, also under license from Hasbro, will introduce a design set inspired by The Mandalorian. 

Meanwhile Colorforms, the playset allowing children to create different scenes with repositionable stickers, will incorporate characters from the Star Wars saga. And Latchkits Yarnimals will release a hook-and-loop craft kit that lets kids create their own Grogu plush.