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Toxic Waste Candy Signs U.S. Licensees

Toxic Waste Candy

Candy Dynamics and its licensing agency Surge Licensing have signed a number of partners to produce branded products for the candy brand Toxic Waste.

Trending on TikTok, Toxic Waste product lines include the Toxic Waste Slime Licker and Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy. The candies are sold at retailers including Walmart and Five Below.

“Licensing is an important branding initiative for Candy Dynamics, allowing us to leverage our expansive and growing family of candy brands. The retail marketplace both in the U.S. and abroad is clamoring for Toxic Waste-branded products,” said Candy Dynamics president Laura King. “We are thrilled to collaborate with our new strategic global licensing agency, Surge Brands, to develop a range of licensed products that will further engage our fans across the globe.”

Toxic Waste’s partners will use the brand’s logos and characters (such Mr. Toxie Head) to develop consumer products across categories — including Super Impulse for collectible blind boxes and blind bag toys; License 2 Play for plush, pillows, and fidget toys; Centric Beauty/TASTE Beauty for lip balms; Rasta Imposta for Halloween costumes and masks; H3 Sportgear for apparel and accessories; and Inkology for school supplies, stickers, stampers, and chalk.

Candy Dynamics and and Surge Licensing will next focus on growing Toxic Waste’s presence in the U.K. market.

“Candy Dynamics’ edgy approach appeals to kids in non-traditional ways and has created a massive demand for Toxic Waste, sparking a fervor in the marketplace. The response we have received from licensees has been nothing short of phenomenal,” said Surge Brands president Mark Freedman. “We look forward to working with our first U.S. partners to create a line of unforgettable products that embody the fun of the brands and to develop a robust consumer products program at retail. We plan to announce additional licensees in the U.S. and overseas in the coming weeks.”