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Jazwares Announces Fuzzible Friends, First Plush Toy to Integrate Alexa Gadgets Technology

fuzzible friends

Jazwares, a global leader in play, is introducing Fuzzible Friends™—the very first kids plush with Alexa Gadgets technology.  Pair Fuzzible Friends™ with a compatible Amazon Echo device, and, using the Fuzzible skill for Alexa, open up a world where technology enriches, entertains, and encourages little ones to use their imagination.  These adorably plush animals speak a funny little language that Alexa magically translates through the kid-directed Fuzzible skill. A child can interact with their Fuzzible by playing color guessing games, choose their own story, and more.  There are four Fuzzible Friends to collect—each with its own unique personality and language—including Cubby the Fox, Fluff the Bunny, Sparkles the Unicorn, and Cuddles the Puppy.  Fuzzible Friends™ are available for pre-order today for $19.99 exclusively at and will be on-sale officially on November 1st.

“It’s been a unique opportunity to be able to bring the Alexa technology into the world of play in a brand new and enriching way,” said Jeremy Padawer, EVP/Partner at Jazwares. “Fuzzible Friends utilizes the technology to open new doors for our children’s already active imagination.”

This product does not have a microphone or speaker, however once you’ve paired your cuddly Fuzzible Friend with your compatible Echo device via Bluetooth, just say, “Alexa, let’s play Fuzzible Friends.”  Once Alexa indicates your Fuzzible is ready to play, have your child squeeze its left paw to begin interacting and watch its antenna light up.  Fuzzible Friends™ plush have over 40 sounds and 140 translated phrases.  Kids can also enjoy their Fuzzible Friend when it’s not connected to an Echo device in another mode.  Even though it won’t be able to give translations of its unique language, every press of the left paw will still prompt your new pal to talk to your child and its antenna to light up.

Fuzzible Friends features include:

● Interactive Play: Use the Fuzzible skill for Alexa and a compatible Amazon Echo device for interactive fun.  Play cool guessing games or choose your own story adventures!

● From their language to yours: Listen as Fuzzible skill for Alexa magically translates the Fuzzible Friends’™ language on your compatible Echo device (parental or guardian consent required).  There are 140 translated phrases.

● High Quality Plush: Fuzzible Friends™ are made with soft, high-quality plush making it perfect to cuddle up with.

● Play Offline: Your child can also play with their Fuzzible Friend when it’s not connected to an Echo device.  The Fuzzible will still light up and speak its funny language—just without the translations.Over 40 Plush Phrases & Sounds: Fuzzible Friends™ speak their own unique language made up of gibberish and silly sound effects.  Watch as your Fuzzible Friends’ antenna lights up when it speaks to your child.

Fuzzible Friends™ was created especially for kids ages 3 and up and is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  A child will interact with his or her Fuzzible in a safe and positive manner.  The child never verbally communicates with the Amazon Echo device directly during play and the Fuzzible Friends™ do not collect the child’s personal identifiable information.  When the Fuzzible interacts with the Amazon Echo it does so with parental permission consistent with COPPA compliance and industry guidelines.