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Chibies from Wow! Stuff Launch this Spring

wow! stuff

Chibies are the first ‘flash to the beat’ fashion forward character collectable from toy innovation company Wow! Stuff.

Launching in Spring at Target, USA, Chibies characters flash to the beat of any tune a child plays across any genre; K-pop, rock, pop, hip-hop, even classical. High-tech sound sensors embedded into the character listen to the music and react in real time, even synchronizing with every other Chibie in the room. To activate the sound sensor simply ‘Nudge their Nose’. Then play any music and watch Chibies flash perfectly to the beat. Wow! Stuff claim they even flash to the sound of a child’s voice.

Dawn Lavalette, Global SVP and Commercial Director commented, “Chibies are inspired by Japanese pop-culture and the neon lights and party atmosphere of Tokyo. 18 months of Wow! Stuff tech team development resulted in a unique sensor that can perfectly synchronize to any music style at all. Turn the lights down and the music on and watch the kids reactions. We always look for that WOW! reaction from our toys. Try it and you’ll see that anyone, kids or adults, react with “WOW!” the second the music and beats hit. Add a few Chibies to the décor of a bedroom and they’re flashing will harmonize to the correct level of brightness and beat intensity”.

Chibies feature a fun unboxing experience with a ‘Peel to Reveal’ of the foil pack. One Chibie and 9 accessories are included, with 10 different characters to collect. Chibies clip to curtains, pillows, lampshades, shelves or the child can even wear them in their hair, attach to parts of their clothing or back packs. Batteries are included so consumers will not have to add them at check out.

Chibies are ideal for ages 4 – 8 but also for 8 – 14 for home decoration, parties and nights-in listening to music via Alexa, the radio, the TV, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and more.

Available in the UK and Europe from April, Chibies will be supported with a social media campaign directing sales to stocking retailers