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Robo Fish from ZURU Swims Back to Retail

ZURU Robo Fish

ZURU, the award-winning toy and consumer products company, announced today the return of Robo Fish, the hyper-realistic toy fish and one of the most popular toys of the last decade.


The new Robo Fish incorporates ZURU’s advanced water-activated micro-robotic technology utilizing carbon sensors that allow it to come to life and swim as soon as it touches water. In addition, each fish features all-new stunning color-changing fish scales, transforming in hues when it hits the water.  A magical experience for kids, the fish returns to its original color when it is pulled out of the water and scales are dried. The agile little robo-pet that mimics the actions of a live fish, swims in five different directions and dives over six feet. It is part of ZURU’s Robo Alive range, featuring functioning robotic pets that move and act like they’re real. It swims to shelves in January 2021.


The toy fish became a sensation and captured the imagination of both kids and adults when it was first released by ZURU in 2012. It was one of the fastest-selling toys globally with more than 15 million units sold in its first year.


“We’re so excited to bring back Robo Fish, which has long been a favorite for its authentic movement and ease of use,” said Aneisha Vieira, Global Brand Director of ZURU. “The perfect pet or prank toy, Robo Fish now incorporates the latest technology to elevate the fun. We have no doubt Robo Fish will once again be a swim-away hit for new generations.”


Available in six different colors, and designed for children 3+, the school will be available for a suggested retail price of $7.99.