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M.O.F.O.S Action Figures Launch this Month


M.O.F.O.S Men of Felonious Occupations (“M.O.F.O.S”) action figures are coming to infiltrate toy connoisseurs’ action figure collections this January, 2021. The hitman themed assassins are fully articulated, 4 inch plastic action figure collectibles that will be released direct to consumer and via upscale action figure retailers. Recreate the exploits of Bridge, Clean, 34, Double Down and Johnny Heart as they navigate an assassin’s life in the Genessary (as featured in the new M.O.F.O.S comic book featuring interior artwork by JB Roe and a cover by Ian Ameling).

M.O.F.O.S were created in 2015 by professional toy enthusiast Marc Mostman, president of MOST MANAGEMENT, and originally released as 2½ inch scale army men style plastic figurines. The original release saw 5 different characters in packs of 10 in either a Black and White assortment or a Grey and Red assortment.

The new release of M.O.F.O.S articulated action figures comes in a variety of styles and colors, from fully painted versions of the characters to solid plastic colorways. The figures are based on the original digital sculpts from legendary toy sculptor and Hollywood creature creator, Justice Joseph, and the concepts were developed in conjunction with Toy Pizza.

M.O.F.O.S action figures are Glyos® compatible for maximum mix and match collector value. These deadly plastic action figures are adult collectibles and recommended for ages 15 and up. Look out for them at, @TheMostToys, and your favorite internet toy retailers.