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Distroller World Unveils New Aquanerlies Characters

Distroller World Aquanerlie

On July 30, Distroller World will release the second generation of its Aquanerlies line, called the Generation X-clusive Aquanerlies.

The new Aquanerlies include three new characters: Aquaminee, Aquamaree, and Aqualily. Each has distinct features from the first generation, including glittery ears and tails, and the pattern on their heads.

Aquanerlies hatch from an egg that dissolves in water, and each one contains a pacifier, diaper, and surprise item inside.

In the backstory to the Aquanerlies characters, Distroller universe character Nurse Tania discovered their eggs, containing the babies inside, while on a boat ride at Lake Xochimilco in Mexico.

Aquanerlies are an extension of Nerlies — one of four species under Distroller World’s Neonate Babies brand. Other species include the Espongies, Zygoties, and MikroNerlitos.

This past spring, Distroller World unveiled the Generation X-Clusive Nerlie Bobbol Goms as part of its Nerlies line.

The new Aquanerlies dolls will be available to fans at