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Moose Toys Introduces Dream Seekers Dolls

Moose Toys-Dream Seekers

Moose Toys this month debuted Dream Seekers, its new line of soft dolls designed to inspire girls to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

Each fairy doll has her own unique dream aimed at encouraging young girls to follow their own — she comes with removable outfits, wings, and packaging with a secret wish pocket where girls can write their dream down and their doll will keep it safe.

The distinctive dream mark on the dolls’ wrists represent her personality and the dream she seeks — Bella the animal lover wants animals to be treated with kindness, Luna the dancer believes confidence is key, Hope is full of positivity and happiness, while deluxe Dream Seeker Stella expresses herself through light and color (she comes with extra features like a printed bracelet, removable rainbow gown, and more). Every doll is fully posable and measures 14-inches with accessories like removable ribbons, a hair comb, clips, and removable skirts that kids can mix and match.

As part of the Dream Seekers campaign, Moose Toys partnered with Rebel Girls to create four mini-episodes of their flagship podcast. Debuting this fall on the Rebel Girls podcast feed, the branded mini-episodes are designed to align with each Dream Seekers characters and feature stories of Amanda Gorman, Bindi Irwin, Judith Jamison, and Nandi Bushell. Jacqueline Green, principal dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, will narrate each episode.

“We saw such a natural connection with Rebel Girls and our Dream Seekers dolls. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to bring our shared message of inspiring girls to follow and achieve their dreams,” said Alex Ries, senior vice president and head of U.S. marketing, Moose Toys. “When kids listen to these Rebel Girls podcasts showcasing the stories of incredible women, we hope they are encouraged to dream big. Our Dream Seekers dolls are the perfect companion for sharing those dreams and keeping them close.”

Additionally, Rebel Girls will include digital activities the girl empowerment brand is creating to accompany each mini-episode. Moose Toys Dream Seekers advertorial content will also appear in the Rebel Girls regular podcast episodes throughout this time period.

“Moose Toys and its Dream Seekers dolls embody the spirit of the Rebel Girls mission to help raise the most confident and inspired global generation of girls. The mini-episodes created through this partnership are authentic and inspiring stories of kindness, positivity, bravery, and confidence,” said Rebel Girls chief marketing officer, Soo Koo.