Pool & Beach Toys

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach or the local pool. So whether you head to the sandy shores for week’s vacation or opt for a “staycation” in the backyard, there is a multitude of toys for waterside fun. Below is a sampling of the latest pool and beach toys.

  • Prime Time Toys: Splash Golf

    Prime Time Toys:

    Prime Time Toys’ Splash Golf includes a golf club, floating targets, and three splash golf balls that kids can use to practice their swing in the pool. Splash Golf is for ages 6 and up.

  • Fundex: Pool Puzzles


    With Fundex’s Pool Puzzles, puzzle builders can create 3-D floating foam animals such as a dolphin, turtle, or lobster. All puzzle pieces are numbered to make assembly easy for kids ages 3 and up.

  • Jakks Pacific: Fun Chair Nets

    Jakks Pacific:

    With Jakks’ Fun Chair net, kids of all ages can transform classic Funnoodles into floating chairs for in-water relaxation or play. Fun Chair nets are available in three colors.

  • USA Pool Toys: Flip That Frog

    USA Pool Toys:

    In USA Pool Toys’ Flip That Frog game, players compete for the highest score by tossing frogs onto different-sized lily pads floating in the pool. The smaller the pad a frog lands on, the higher the points earned. The game is made for all ages.

  • SwimWays: Toypedo Blast


    SwimWays’ Toypedo Blast is an underwater launcher for SwimWays’ Toypedo Bandit, a smaller version of the hydrodynamic Toypedo diving toy. The Toypedo Blast can load and launch any Toypedo Bandit up to 30 feet through the water, and a safety mechanism ensures it will only launch when submerged. Three Bandits are included with the launcher. No batteries are required.

  • Backyard Ocean: Floating Basketball, Volleyball, and Water Polo Set

    Backyard Ocean:

    Backyard Ocean’s Floating Basketball, Volleyball, and Water Polo Set includes an inflatable volleyball net with 16-inch inflatable volleyball, an inflatable water polo net with eight-inch inflatable ball, an inflatable basketball hoop with six-inch inflatable ball, and three repair patches. The volleyball net fits pools eight feet and larger.

  • Educational Insights: GeoSafari SeaScope

    Educational Insights:

    Educational Insights’ water-resistant GeoSafari SeaScope is made for underwater exploring in tidal pools, streams, ponds, and lakes. The included Aqualite flashlight attaches for viewing in dark or murky waters. The 4X telescope detaches for on-land use. Additional features include a built-in ruler for on-the-spot measuring of specimens and a thermometer strip to determine the temperature underwater or on land.

  • Finis: Wyland Youth Whale Tale


    With Finis’ Wyland Youth Whale Tale, kids can slip both feet into the monofin, secure with the adjustable strap, and use both legs to kick like a whale through the water.

  • Big Time Toys: Fashion Diva Goggles

    Big Time Toys:

    Big Time Toys’ Fashion Diva Goggles make swim gear into a fashion statement for swimmers ages 3 and up. Goggles are made with a soft water tight seal. Diva styles include Hello Kitty (pictured) and Dora the Explorer.

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