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Hasbro Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Product Line Revealed


Ahead of New York Toy Fair,  Hasbro revealed a new product line for Spider-Man Maximum Venom, which includes new six-inch scale Marvel Legends figures and 12-inch Titan Hero figures, as well as new ooze-filled figures and venomized role-play gear.

Iron Man is now venomized in the Spider-Man Maximum Venom Iron Man Venomized Set, for ages 5 and up, based on the Spider-Man Maximum Venom series. Fans can suit up in a Venomized Iron Man mask, put on the Repulsor accessory, load in a dart, and fire it. The Super Hero mask features classic Iron Man design from Marvel comics with a “Venomized twist.” The mask is decorated in the Venom symbiote style. The repulsor accessory has a strap and can be affixed to the wrist for easy dart-firing action. Available spring 2020, exclusively at Walmart.

Imagine the world of Maximum Venom with the 12-inch scale Venomized Captain America figure, for ages 4 and up. The classic Captain America design is inspired by the Marvel Universe and the six accessories feature a Venomized twist as seen in the Spider-Man Maximum Venom animated series. Load and re-load the Venomized projectile into the Blast Gear Launcher (included), connect launcher to the Blast Gear Captain America figure and fire with the push of a button. Available spring 2020, exclusively at Walmart.

The 14-inch Spider-Man Maximum Venom Titan Hero Venom  and the 12-inch Spider Man Maximum Venom Titan Hero Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider figures feature classic design inspired by the Marvel Comics and Universe and a Venomized twist featured in the Spider-Man Maximum Venom animated series. Connect figures to Titan Hero Blast Gear accessories (each sold separately) via a back port to fire projectiles. Available for ages 4 and up fall 2020.

The 12-inch Spider-Man Maximum Venom Iron Man Vs. Venomized Hulk two-pack can also be connected to Titan Hero Blast Gear accessories via a back port to fire missiles, and can be found exclusively at Walmart in spring 2020.

Kids 5 and up can suit up like Venom with Marvel’s Spider-Man Maximum Venom Masl which has a lever-activated tongue feature that swings from side to side and an adjustable band. Available spring 2020.

When fans squeeze the sides of the Spider-Man Maximum Venom: Venom Burst figure, ooze gushes out along with a second hidden figure. Outer symbiote figures include Venom, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Cap Symbiote, Anti-Venom Groot, and Symbiote Groot. Surprise inner characters include GAmma Hulk, Captain America, Red Spider-Man, Black Spider-Man, Lightening Thor, Groot, Metallic Iron Man, Miles Morales, Red Iron Man, Green Goblin, Astral Doctor Strange, and Modok. Each figure also comes in a can to store excess ooze. Maximum Venom Burst figures will also be available in two-packs. Available for ages 4 and up in fall 2020.

When kids 4 and up put purple ooze in the back of the Spider-Man Maximum Venom 12.5-inch Venom Ooze Figure, it drips out of the mouth. Turn the knob on the figure’s back to flick its tongue envenomed with the stretchy spew. Available fall 2020.